Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Im Finally Going To Marry Xi Mubai
Chapter 3: I'm Finally Going to Marry Xi Mubai

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He remembered leaving her a sizeable amount of alimony after their divorce.

The amount should be more than enough for her to live the rest of her life in luxury, so why had he found her in such a situation?

This question had been clogging his mind ever since he left the hospital.

"Mubai, whats on your mind?" Tianxin asked curiously, to which Mubai answered drily, "Nothing serious."

"Youre thinking about Xinghe, arent you?" Tianxin sighed, "Even I couldnt believe that was the same Xinghe we saw up there. Why did she choose to live like this when she has the resources for a better life? Why is she so dense?"

Dense that was exactly how Mubai pictured Xinghe.

Sometimes dense could be cute but Xinghe had the lethal combination of being dense and stubborn. Because of this, troubles tended to follow the woman and the people around her.

In fact, their marriage could be said to be ruined by her stubbornness and denseness.

However, he didnt expect her to be dumb enough to be unable to care for herself even with the great amount of alimony he had given her.

Simply put, his encounter with Xia Xinghe that day had left a great impact on him.

Mubai was lost in thought so he didnt answer Tianxins questions. Before long, the car arrived at the restaurant.

Both of their families were already there.

Since the dinner was to discuss their upcoming nuptials, the attendees included both of their parents as well as his son, Xi Lin. He had him with Xinghe.

The little guy was one when they divorced, so he was four now.

"Why dont we pick November 2nd as the wedding date? Its an auspicious date and our countrys national day," Mubais mom, Old Mrs. Xi said smilingly.

Tianxins mom nodded happily, adding, "This certainly is meant to be because I was going to suggest that day as well. Mubai, Tianxin, are the two of you fine with the date?"

"Of course. Arrangements like these have always been left in the parents capable hands," Tianxin said diffidently.

"Im fine with any date," Mubai shrugged.

"Then, the dates set. We can focus fully on wedding preparation now. Tianxin, God is still kind towards me because youll finally be my daughter-in-law," Old Mrs. Xi said happily as her hands clasped over Tianxins, both of them smiling joyfully.

Tianxin practically grew up in front of her. She was very fond of Tianxins personality, character, and ability.

She had been haranguing Mubai to bring Tianxin into the Xi Family, and finally her wish was about to come true.

There was another woman at the table whose wish was about to come true and that was Chu Tianxin.

Finally, Xi Mubai was within her grasp.

The man was going to be hers at last.

Right then, the glass of juice Xi Lin held in his hands fell and shattered. He also somehow managed to splash his shirt with juice.

"Lin Lin, youve gotta be more careful," Old Mrs. Xi scolded lightly.

"Lin Lin, are you hurt?" Tianxin moved in with a handkerchief to wipe the juice on his shirt but he quickly scurried into Mubais arms, avoiding her completely.

Tianxins hands hung awkwardly in the air.

"Ill go get him cleaned up," Mubai said as he carried his son to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Mubai set his son down on the sink counter.

Xi Lin stared intently at his swaying legs, his brain churning.

He suddenly slapped away Mubais hands that were dabbing the juice out of his shirt.

"Whats wrong?" Mubai said softly as he stared at his son, "Youve been acting up since the dinner began, is something bothering you?"

Xi Lin lowered his head wordlessly.

When Mubai lifted his sons face, he saw a pair of determined eyes staring back at him.