Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 301

Chapter 301 A Shameless Weasel
Chapter 301: A Shameless Weasel

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However, if that really happened then it would all be over for Ye Shen because he would never be able to get the thing from Xi Mubai's hands.

Then again, why would Xi Mubai want that thing? It was completely useless to him.

Regardless, Ye Shen couldn't rest well just sitting there so he rushed to find Xia Meng.

Xinghe knew he would appear soon or later so when she heard the guard inform her of his arrival, she said lightly, "Let him in."


Ye Shen thought Xia Meng wouldn't see him so he was surprised when he was admitted entry so easily.

When he stepped into the living room, he couldn't help but be stunned by the change in Xia Meng even though it had only been a week.

For some reason, he felt the Xia Meng before him was a lot prettier than the one he'd lived with for the past however many years.

She had a calming aura about her that was conspicuously absent in his memories of the old Xia Meng.

Ye Shen was impressed by this new Xia Meng. Ultimately, he wrote all these changes to the change in her identity. After all, the rise in station would usually result in a change in temperament as well.

"Xia Meng, I have some questions for you," Ye Shen demanded, he desperately needed to know whether she had sold the thing to Mubai. "Get these men out of here, I want to talk to you alone!"

Xinghe smiled up at him, "Why do you think I would do that?"

"I'm serious." Ye Shen frowned. "Don't worry, I will not do anything to harm you."

"The most I will give you is five minutes, so get on with it. If not, the door is behind you," Xinghe declared directly, not giving Ye Shen any face.

Ye Shen gritted his teeth in fury.

This b*tch really thinks she's someone important simply because she f*cks that b*stard Xi Mubai? Just wait until I get the thing I need and the b*tch will pay!

"Thank you, then I'll come out with it and ask. What is your relationship with Xi Mubai? If you don't explain it clearly, you can forget about the divorce!" Ye Shen said threateningly.

The divorce was the only leverage he had over Xia Meng so, of course, he was going to milk that advantage.

As he expected, Xinghe was silent before answering softly. "We do not have a relationship."

"No relationship?" Ye Shen sneered with incredulity. "He's willing to bend over backwards to help you because you two have no relationship"

"My father was once the Xi's benefactor so they are repaying his kindness now. They will give me anything I want," Xinghe said with a straight-face.

She was kind of telling the truth but it was Xia Chengwen who once helped out Xi Family and not Xia Meng's father.

Ye Shen was surprised by this revelation. He scanned Xia Meng's face and decided she was not lying and the reason was quite believable.

"For real?" He asked with uncertainty.

Xinghe chuckled. "What does it have to do you whether it's real or not?"

Ye Shen also laughed because he was relieved Xia Meng didn't hand the thing over to Xi Mubai.

A relaxed Ye Shen planted himself comfortably on the sofa like he owned the place. He leered shamelessly like a gangster. "Xia Meng, since the Xi's are in your debt, how can you only give me 2,000,000 RMB?"

Xinghe stared at him, confused. "What do you mean by that?"

Ye Shen laughed heartily and stared with interest at her. "Don't play dumb with me. The divorce is worth more than 2,000,000 RMB, if you raise the numbers a little more, perhaps I might consider it."

Xinghe laughed out loud. This was rich; she had not met a character as vile as this Ye Shen before.