Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 306

Chapter 306 The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 306: The Beginning of the End

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However, he didn't realize the world was actually waiting for him to fall.

Ye Shen poured the newly acquired money into his company, waiting confidently for Ye Corps to resuscitate.

Who could've known that on the second day, a bunch of police officers would come knocking on his door!

Ye Shen was still asleep when the police barged into his bedroom and detained him without even questioning him.

"What is the meaning of this" The almost naked Ye Shen was pressed into his bed, as he screamed in fury and shame.

The leading police officer explained calmly, "Ye Shen, we are arresting you for the online bank heist. Please do not struggle and follow us to the police station to aid in our investigation!"

Ye Shen widened his eyes in shock, he had no idea what the police officer was talking about. "What online bank heist? There must be a mistake! Do you know who I am? How dare you treat me this way"

"Yesterday someone hacked into Xi Empire's corporate account and stole three hundred million worth of liquid assets. After some investigation, we found that all the money was transferred into your personal account. Don't tell me you do not know such a thing!"


Ye Shen's mind was blasted into a state of emptiness. He couldn't figure out what had happened.

"That money was given to me by Xi Mubai, I didn't steal it. My ex-wife, Xia Meng gave it to me, if you don't believe me, you can go and ask her!" Ye Shen explained indignantly but fear slowly crept into his heart. For some reason, he felt his world was unraveling.

"We will investigate everything you've told us, but now you must follow us to the precinct. Take him away boys!" the officer ordered authoritatively.

No matter how hard Ye Shen struggled or how hard the people from the Ye family begged, Ye Shen was detained just like that. The police didn't even give him a chance to put on some clothes. They shoved a paper bag over his head and paraded Ye Shen's underwear to the world as they hauled him to the police car.

Ye Shen felt it was the biggest humiliation he had ever suffered in his life, little did he know an even bigger humiliation awaited him

What followed at the precinct was a series of interrogations. Ye Shen finally realized the truth, he was swindled by the b*tch Xia Meng and probably her lover, Xi Mubai!

But he couldn't understand why the police couldn't find out the truth.

"You claimed the three hundred millions were given to you by Xia Meng? Our men just came back from an interview with Miss Xia, she said she has no recollection of such a thing."

"But she did give it to me!" Ye Shen stood up agitatedly but was pressed down by the police standing behind him. "Sit still!"

Ye Shen calmed himself and said vehemently, "She paid me three hundred million RMB to get a divorce from me so that she could get together with Xi Mubai. Go and check it if you don't believe me, we just signed the divorce papers yesterday!"

"Miss Xia told us about that as well. However, she said she gave you 2,000,000 as divorce settlements and not three hundred million, the clause was clearly written in the divorce settlement so you can understand we are more inclined to believe her."

Ye Shen was dumbstruck. The feeling in him that he had walked into an intricate trap was growing stronger and stronger.

"She really did give me three hundred million RMB! How could I possibly hack Xi Empire's assets? I don't know any hacking skills! That b*tch, this is all Xia Meng's plan to entrap me!"

The officer smirked chillingly. "If that's your argument, Miss Xia knows less about hacking than you do. We've went through her past carefully, she studied mass media in school and never had the chance to pick up any high level computer skills. How could she possibly steal the money to frame you?"

"But that's the truth! There must be transaction records in the bank, look at those and you'll see it was she who sent me the money!"