Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Punishment
Chapter 307: Punishment

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"The only thing we got from the bank was the electronic trail of your illegal actions. After the money appeared in your account, not only did you not report it but you also siphoned it to your corporate account, so how can you say you have nothing to do with this amount of money?"

"But, I really have nothing to do with it, the money was given to me by Xia Meng. Speaking of the b*tch, I demand to meet her. I'm going to confront her face-to-face! She is framing me together with her lover, Xi Mubai!" Ye Shen yelled.

The officer smirked again. "That is just perfect because Miss Xia is charging you for domestic abuse during her marriage to you. The hospital kept the records of her earlier injuries and she has officially sued you for deliberate injury and causing her lifelong disability!"

Ye Shen widened his eyes in disbelief and horror. He felt he was falling into a deep chasm. Yesterday, he had the whole world under his feet, and today the whole world had turned on him.

This has to be that b*tch's scheme! She has me played for a fool from the very beginning. She wants to take me down just like that

Ye Shen gripped his fists tightly, his eyes burning with killing intent.

"Xia Meng, how dare you plot against me, I will make you pay and suffer!"

The police officer behind him slapped him hard on the back of his head, berating, "Have you forgotten where you are You dared to threaten someone else's safety in the presence of law enforcement? I suggest you confess to your mistakes and we might help you appeal for a lighter sentence."

Ye Shen glared at the policemen and cackled. "Never! You will never get a confession out of me!"

The police merely smiled at him. "Fine, but don't worry, we have more than enough ways to squeeze a confession out of you."

"Come at me! If you dare, then kill me!" Ye Shen taunted. He really thought the police couldn't do anything to him.

While physical torture was banned due to basic human rights but there were plenty of mental torture techniques that were available within the confines of legality, and Ye Shen had tasted them all.

Banging on the door just as he was falling asleep, depriving him the privacy of using the toilet, shining the light into his eyes at night But to Ye Shen's credit, he suffered through them all.

He refused to confess because he knew the moment he did, it would be over for him. However, since the police didn't technically physically assault him, he could do nothing against them because there was no injury to prove police brutality. If he fought back, then the police could club him and claim self-defense. It was a lose-lose deal for Ye Shen.

Ye Shen had been unable for sleep for god knows how many days already. Sleep deprivation, a torture method employed in Soviet internment camps, was taking a toll on him. His energy was drained to such a degree that he could barely move his body.

However, he still refused to confess and cried to meet Xia Meng every day.

Xinghe refused his demand to meet her, because the time was not ripe. Ye Shen's mind hadn't completely broken yet. Only then would Ye Shen's lips be loosened enough to give her the information she needed.

Xinghe knew about Ye Shen's torture but she wasn't at all affected by it.

Mubai loved this about her. She would never hold back against those who were unfortunate enough to cross her bottom line.

"Lu Qi said there is finally some progress on his side. The research should be completed soon," Mubai told Xinghe happily.

They were having tea at the villa's back garden. The place was well hidden and had an intimate feeling. Mubai enjoyed spending quality time with her there every afternoon.

He would feel recharged every time after the afternoon tea. Secluded from the outside, it was as if there were only her and himself in the entire world; he very much lived for that feeling.

Xinghe nodded. "There's no need to rush as long as the research is successful in the end."