Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Shameless To The Max
Chapter 308: Shameless to the Max

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Mubai smiled, he loved this serenity about Xinghe as well. No matter what she was faced with, she could maintain an aura of calm and self-assurance. Every time he talked with her, he felt a weight lifted.

"You've been shut in for quite some time already. Do you want me to accompany you out for a walk?" he asked kindly.

Ever since Xinghe became Xia Meng, she had practically locked herself up in the villa. However, it wasn't that Xinghe didn't want to go out, she didn't feel the need to. She preferred the silence of solitude.

"No, thank you" Xinghe only finished answering that they heard a loud commotion coming from outside.

It was a shrill female voice and the person was loud because they could hear it from so far away.

Mubai's smile froze and he grumbled angrily, "Those women are back!"

Needless to say, it was most likely the women from the Ye family who'd come to trouble them again. After Ye Shen was arrested, Mrs. Ye came to cause a ruckus almost every day. She was certain it was Xia Meng who framed her son so she came every day to demand an explanation from Xia Meng. Since she was blocked by the guards, she started slandering Xia Meng's name. Words that one wouldn't even think could come out from the mouth a reputable family's madam came tumbling out of her mouth like a waterfall.

"Xia Meng, you b*tch, come out here and face me! You whore, how could you collude with another man to come after your own husband? Karma will come bite you in the ass!"

"Xia Meng, I demand that you get your slutty ass out here, do you not hear me? Come out and explain yourself! You cooperated with that gigolo lover of yours, Xi Mubai, to frame my son, didn't you? I know that's the truth, so don't you deny it. The two of you had a secret affair behind my son's back and now you have the audacity to come after him. One slut and another gigolo, two heartless individuals! Thunder will strike the both of you where you stand! F*ck you and f*ck the entire Xi Family! The Xi family is a failure because they've raised a son who goes around sleeping with another man's wife! Every single of them are pigs that deserve to be sent to the depths of hell"

Mrs. Ye droned on and on, and every single insult fell into Mubai and Xinghe's ears. They were just inside the front door so they could hear her clearly.

Mubai was enraged, he wished to wash the old lady's mouth out with soap. She was insulting not only his entire family but also Xinghe!

They thought they could just ignore a crazy woman like her and she would eventually go away, but she persisted.

"The woman is asking for it. Open the door, I want to see her say that to me in person!" Mubai ordered the guards.

"We cannot do that, Young Master. There are reporters outside," the guards quickly advised him.

After being chased away the few times earlier, this time Mrs. Ye came prepared. She was going to use the power of the media to pressure Xia Meng and Mubai. The tabloids and rumors should be enough to create trouble in paradise. In other words, since they made life difficult for her son, she was going to make Xia Meng and Mubai's lives hell as well.

However, before Mubai made his appearance, the reporters wouldn't dare write baseless accusations. However, the moment he did, things would be a lot more complicated.

"Open the door." Mubai didn't seem to mind the implications as he ordered again with more force this time.

Xinghe stopped him. "Let me handle this."

"Not necessary!" Mubai pulled her back and looked into her eyes, "I don't want you to worry about a small thing like this."

Xinghe raised her brow. Small thing? If the public really begins to suspect us of having an affair then it will be a huge blow to Xi Empire's name.

However, Mubai didn't seem like he minded all these things.

"Open the door" He ordered again. The guards didn't dare to ignore his commands anymore so they moved to oblige.