Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Simple And Easy
Chapter 309: Simple and Easy

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Ye Qin joined her mother in the insults. Every kind of insult came out of their dainty mouths

The cameras kept flashing. Try as the security might to stop them, it was to no avail. The place was complete chaos.

"B*tch, if you don't come out now, I will torch this place to the ground! I'll burn you pair of sluts alive!" Mrs. Ye growled angrily and finally the front door to the villa slowly opened.

"Burn us alive? I don't mind seeing you try." Mubai's authoritative voice drifted across the courtyard as his tall figure walked out from behind the door.

Everyone present was stunned.

Mrs. Ye tapped the reporters around her excitedly while pointing at him. "You see, Xi Mubai is here! My accusations are all true!"

The reporters snapped into attention and, like a crazed mob, knocked the gate guards out of the way as they surged forwards and then crowded around Mubai. The camera lights didn't once stop. It was as if all of them had forgotten who they were dealing with.

Mubai's chilly gaze swept the crowd of people and opened his lips to order, "Destroy all the cameras and camera phones here! Break the leg of those who dare to run, round them all up!"

His group of trained personal bodyguards leaped into the crowd and started tussling with the reporters.

In about one or two seconds, one camera after another was thrown to the floor and shattered in pieces.

"What are you doing?"

"My camera, no!"

"This is illegal. My company will sue!"

The reporters were enraged but also afraid.

After the bodyguards took care of all the recording devices, they quickly set up a perimeter around the reporters, not giving anyone of them a chance to get away.

The few reporters who initially struggled were scared into immobility.

Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin stared dumbfounded as this unfolded before their eyes

They didn't expect Mubai would be so ruthless. They hugged each other in shock and before they could recover, Mubai's lethal gaze fell upon them.

"Detain the two of them and send them to the police station. I'm charging them for libel and slander."

"Yes, sir!" The few guards moved to pull them away.

"Let me go, you cannot treat your elder this way, let me go!" Mrs. Ye struggled furiously, while Ye Qin begged with tears in her eyes, "CEO Xi, the words we said weren't directed towards you but Xia Meng. You misunderstood us, this is all a misunderstanding."

"Do you think I'm deaf?" Mubai succinctly replied.

Even if they didn't come after his Xi family, he wouldn't have forgiven them because they went after Xinghe and Xinghe was his family.

After Mrs. Ye and Ye Qin were taken away, the reporters shivered in fear, afraid that his wrath would come for them next.

They finally knew fear then. They regretted angering him for a little tabloid news. The man before them was not the smiling CEO they'd once known, they realized they had unfortunately crossed a line. They just didn't expect he would have such a ruthless character.

Now, they only prayed that Mubai would not pursue their responsibility or it might not be their cameras that were ruined but their careers too.

To their consternation, Mubai announced emotionlessly, "I will pursue reparation from every reporter here. You've committed the crime of trespassing into my private property and injuring my men. Each one of you will personally receive a letter from my corporate lawyers soon enough."

With that, Mubai turned back into the villa, ignoring the pleading cries for mercy from the crowd of reporters.