Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Xinghes Memory Is Worth Defending
Chapter 315: Xinghe's Memory Is Worth Defending

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Xinghe had disappeared without a trace!

The bodyguards who were shaken awake reported to Mubai, "The house started shaking and we thought it was an earthquake. All of us rushed upstairs to help Miss Xia evacuate but before we knew it, all of us were unconscious."

Mubai inspected the house and his face was drawn.

"Someone used a shock bomb," he said solemnly.

The bodyguard was shocked. "But isn't that a military-grade weapon"

He was right, the grenade was limited to Hwa Xia's military, normally used to neutralize terrorists. The grenade wouldn't cause any fatal damage but caused vibrations that could knock out everyone in a limited area.

Mubai was shocked that someone would use such a weapon against Xinghe. But why her?

"Go check on Ye Shen, now!" he ordered as he pulled out his laptop to do his own research.

The opponent, whoever that may be, obviously came prepared. The security cables around the villa were all cut. He had no way of telling who infiltrated the villa and kidnapped Xinghe.

Soon, Mubai received news that Ye Shen had committed suicide in custody!

Xinghe had just come back from visiting him and he died shortly after? This is too suspicious.

But who could have done all of this without triggering any alarms? Whoever it was, it must be an expert since they could do all these things without being detected.

Mubai suspected that their target was the black casket in Ye Shen's possession.

Mubai was partly relieved that it was Xia Meng's body that was taken and not the real Xia Xinghe. However, Xinghe's memory was still trapped in Xia Meng's body, so he had to locate her as soon as possible. Even though it was only Xinghe's memory, he swore he would protect it with his life.

Xinghe must have found out some new information and he had to find out what or the danger would still linger. He could only breathe in relief after every possible danger was exterminated.

But now he had to locate Xinghe. Unless there was no other choice, he didn't want to activate the memory in Xinghe's original body. That knowledge calmed him slightly and was the only thing holding him together from lashing out at the world irrationally.

However, he was still worried. Even though the body was Xia Meng's, he was worried the kidnapper would do something harmful to her since the person suffering would still be Xinghe!

Xinghe had no idea how long she had been out.

She opened her eyes to a dimly lit room. There was little light in the room and everything was shrouded in semi-darkness.

It took Xinghe a moment to realize what had happened. She was kidnapped, but she had no as to who by.

"You're up?" a husky male voice asked. He strode towards her from outside. In the semi-darkness, his large body that loomed above her radiated an aura of danger.

Xinghe sat up and looked at him calmly. "Who are you?"

The man was surprised and praised her, "Not bad, I thought you would panic."

"What are you hoping to get out of kidnapping me?" Xinghe continued, her tone was as calm as if they were two friends chatting in the park.

The man didn't answer, instead he said, "You're much more impressive than your husband, no wonder he gave the thing to you."