Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Bravery And A Clear Mind
Chapter 316: Bravery and a Clear Mind

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"You mean Ye Shen?" Xinghe chuckled mirthlessly. "He is not my husband."

"I know the two of you are divorced but your relation to him is undeniable. Speak, where is the thing he gave you?" The man asked lazily. His tone was filled with confidence like a king. Perhaps in his eyes, women were nothing more than cute rabbits. They threw weak punches and could be easily strangled at any moment.

"What thing?" Xinghe raised her brow but the moment the words left her mouth, she understood. They'd kidnapped her for the energy crystal.

So who are these people and why are they interested in the crystals?

"Who told you the thing you speak of is with me?" Xinghe asked in return, not at all afraid to let him know she realized what he was referring to.

The man chuckled to himself. "Your ex-husband did."

"And you believed him? Are you stupid or retarded?" Xinghe chided him mercilessly, completely unlike a person that had been taken hostage.

The man's face froze over. "So, you mean, it's not with you?"

"Where is Ye Shen?" Xinghe asked instead of answered.

"He's dead!"

Xinghe expected as much but hearing it confirmed still shook her slightly.

"So the last information he gave you before he bit the bullet was the thing is with me?" Xinghe asked with disbelief like she was shocked at this man's gullibility.

For some reasons, the man felt she was being angry at him and he was to be blamed for this situation.

"You are his ex-wife, even if the thing is not with you, surely you know where it is. After all, you seem to know the identity of this thing, don't you?"

Xinghe laughed in his face. "That might be true but it's hard to believe how foolish you people are. Didn't you do some research before you decided to kidnap someone? Ye Shen and I are like fire and water! Therefore, how could he give the thing to me or even tell me where he hid it"

The man's face got even gloomier.

Indeed, from the information they'd gathered, it did seem Ye Shen had a penchant for using his wife as a punching bag. However, Ye Shen did admit he gave the thing to her and the almost-dead, in their experience, didn't lie. So, the man was adamant the thing was with her or at least Xinghe knew where Ye Shen hid the thing.

In any case, they had no other clue to work with other than her.

Ye Shen's mother and sister were beyond dumb. A little testing and it was obvious they had no clue what was happening. In contrast, the woman before him was brave and had a good head on her shoulders. She seemed to be the best bet.

"Miss Xia, I'm going you one last chance. If you tell me where the thing is, I will let you go. If not, Ye Shen's end will be yours as well," the man threatened. His tone was flat but that only added a more dangerous edge to his words. Any other woman and they probably would have peed their pants.

Xinghe though didn't even blink. "Ye Shen is dead regardless, so just how believable are your words?"

The man smiled. "What other choice do you have?"

Either way, she was going to die.

"Therefore, I'm telling you one last time, I have no idea where the thing is. I have only seen it once and have no idea where Ye Shen hid it."

"Miss Xia, looks like, after all, you've chosen to not cooperate," the man stated softly, but the atmosphere in the room dropped by several degrees.

He was going to kill her!

Xinghe felt this but she was unfazed.

"It's not that I'm not cooperating but I can't. I told you so many times I have no idea where the thing is. I would have given you the information if I knew. I'm not as dumb as Ye Shen to give up my life for the sake of some random object."