Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 321

Chapter 321 Xinghes Suicide
Chapter 321: Xinghe's Suicide

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Alas, her hope for survival was so dim. The only thing she could do was to commit to a bet!

As the plan formed in Xinghe's mind, the drug in her body started working.

Pain shot through every part of her body, her internal organs felt like they were repeatedly stabbed by knives. The intensity of the pain slowly escalated

Xinghe let slip of a groan before gritting her teeth to silently suffer through the pain. It was like her body was being chopped apart. The pain was more heightened compared to yesterday. Perhaps her fatigue had amplified the sensation of pain

Xinghe clenched her teeth tightly and sweat started pouring out of her every pore. Her body shook violently and her face was scarily white.

As the pain scratched at her sanity, she thought about her family, her uncle, Xia Zhi and most importantly, Lin Lin. She had to hold on for the sake of her son.

She rolled on the floor and her face was twisted in pain. However, the man might have underestimated women because it had been proven that woman's pain tolerance was greater than men's because of childbirth. The pain was greater than yesterday, but it was only slightly greater than when she gave birth to the meaning of her life.

Xinghe tightened her knuckles and slammed them repeatedly against the walls and floor, hoping the external pain would distract from the pain within. This continued until most parts of her body were bloodied and bruised.

Everyone would have sympathy watching her struggle but the man stationed outside the door observed her through the peephole coldly. There was no trace of emotion in his eyes. He was waiting for Xinghe to grovel for the sweet release of death.

The time slowly passed

It had been two hours and Xinghe still hadn't surrendered. The man was getting impatient, he was turning away to leave Xinghe to her misery when he heard a sudden scream.

He raised his eyes into the peephole and saw Xinghe ran headfirst into the sharp angle of the bedframe. Blood oozed from her forehead and she crumpled to the floor like a lifeless doll.

"Open the door!" the man ordered.

He rushed in to check on Xinghe's vitals. She was alive but was hanging on a thread, a small pool of blood had gathered underneath her body.

Anger flashed across the man's eyes. He glared at Xinghe. "The damned woman is really unafraid of death!"

"But you think you can die on me so easily? Impossible!" He scooped up her body and strode out the room. "Call an ambulance immediately!"

One of his subordinates responded to his order.

Xinghe was quickly rushed to the hospital. Her situation was dangerous, the doctors took a long time to rescue her from the brink of death.

After the surgery, she was wheeled to a secret sickroom. Other than the few medical personnel, no one knew of her existence.

"Sir, the woman's condition has stabilized but she probably will not wake up anytime soon. She needs to stay at the hospital for a few days for further observation as her body is too weak," the doctor informed the man respectfully.

The man nodded and replied in a low voice, "I understand. Help me keep her alive and make sure her existence is kept a secret from everyone else."

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