Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 323

Chapter 323 The Chase
Chapter 323: The Chase

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Xinghe steeled her eyes with determination as she gritted her teeth and pulled herself up

Several minutes later, a nurse came in to check up on her.

"Are you awake?" the nurse questioned as she stared at the human shaped object completely covered by the bedsheets.

She went up to pull off the bedsheet. The moment she saw some pillows arranged in a human shape under it, she felt a heavy blow to the back of her head and she collapsed onto the bed.

Xinghe who held the drip shaft in her hands was breathing heavily, standing behind the unconscious nurse. The endeavor had taken a serious toll on her health, she felt her sight going black.

However, she knew she had no time to waste. She quickly switched outfits with the nurse. She rearranged the pillow and replaced them with the nurse. Then, Xinghe pulled out a few towels from the bathroom and used a scissors to cut them up into strips. Xinghe tied all of them together and created a rudimentary bandage to bind around her crippled left leg.

Under the cover of the nurse's long skirt, her leg looked passably normal. She tried walking in it and her gait looked normal enough. Xinghe put on the nurse's hat and mask before leaving the room.

The two guards looked at her but didn't do anything. Their suspicions weren't raised. After all, the doctor said that Xinghe would wake up only several days later.

Therefore, Xinghe walked out of her room under their watchful gaze. Eventually, she turned the corner and got out of their sight.

Every single one of her steps was painful because she needed to make sure her gait appeared normal. That combined with the weakness of her body made her feel faint.

Eventually, she started to sway and the pretense started to fall. Her breaths came faster and faster

Sweat pooled on her forehead and her sight became increasingly blurry. Xinghe could even feel her senses giving

It was a case of mind over body because she only held on through the power of will. She was taking a breather when she slipped and unexpectedly bumped into one of the doctors.

"Are you okay? What's wrong with you?" the doctor asked with concern.

Xinghe couldn't see his face to tell whether it was the doctor assigned to look after her but she knew her disguise was about to be seen through.

She bit on her tongue and the sharp jolt of pain snapped her into attention.

Xinghe ignored the doctor and hurried away.

The doctor frowned and decided to come after her. "Nurse, do you need help? Hello, nurse?"

Xinghe closed her ears to the man's calls, there was only one thing on her mind, RUN!

Soon after, she heard a series of hurried steps coming from behind her. She turned back to see and her heart seized with panic.

The guards were coming after her!

"Stop her!" The guards yelled at her. Spurred by the appearance of the guards, Xinghe took off and ran.

She dashed into an open elevator and pressed the close button in a hurry. The door closed right as the guards reached her.

One of the guards cursed, "F*ck, call the guards upstairs to stop her, don't let her get away!"

However, when the people at the ground floor went to intercept the elevator, it was empty.

"She descended on another floor, go search for her!"

A commotion started in the hospital.

The atmosphere was anxious and nervous

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