Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 325

Chapter 325 More Mysterious Than Us Xi
Chapter 325: More Mysterious Than Us Xi

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When Mubai received the news, he was at his second uncle's.

"Really" He asked with shock and joy. "Keep her safe, I'm coming over now!"

He hung up in a hurry and informed his cousin, Xi Munan, "We've found her, she's at the police station!"

"That's great news, I'm going with you!" Munan offered.

Mubai nodded and the two of them rushed to the police station. Only when they arrived did Mubai realize how serious Xinghe's injuries were.

She was still unconscious and the police had helped her find a doctor. Mubai was furious when he saw her bruised body and pale face. "What happened to her"

A police officer answered as he pointed at the driver, "Mr. Xi, according to this kind sir, Miss Xia appeared to be targeted by some mysterious group of people. However, her conditions have stabilized. She is only resting now."

"Targeted?" Mubai whipped his head around to look at the driver. The driver's mouth was wide open. Mubai was a person with legendary status in City T, he was star-struck. Am I dreaming?

"Excuse me, but can you walk us through what happened?" a tall, handsome-looking man who stood beside Mubai asked politely. The driver took a look at him and realized the young man and Mubai had striking similarities in facial features.

"I was driving past the hospital when this miss here jumped into the road" The driver told them what had happened clearly and carefully.

After he finished, Mubai gave the police a look and the police officer said knowingly, "We've sent out our men to check. However, we found no suspicious activities, those people, whoever they are, retreated very quickly and efficiently, leaving no evidence behind. We've checked the hospital as well, there was no record of Miss Xia even staying there. The opponent must be someone remarkable to be able to accomplish something like this."

Mubai sneered. "No matter how remarkable, I will sniff the weasel out!"

"In this city, no one is more remarkable than our Xi family," Munan seconded with a smile. He turned to Mubai, "Big brother, leave this to me. I will inform you when there's any developments."

Mubai nodded before picking up Xinghe in his arms and leaving.

However, he only took a few steps before turning back to address the driver, "She said that there was a one hundred million reward?"

The driver left out no details in the recounting of his story, and that included the conversation between Xinghe and him.

The driver waved his hand in a hurry. "It was not because of money that I helped this miss. We should always help those in need."

Mubai looked at one of his bodyguards. "Write him a cheque for one hundred million."

"Yes, sir!"

The driver was astonished. He said quickly, "Mr. Xi, this is really too much, it's not necessary"

However Mubai had already walked away. He didn't give the driver a chance to reject him.

The bodyguard wrote a cheque to the driver and offered with a warm smile. "Thank you, sir, for your kindness. This here is not much, but it's a token of appreciation from our Young Master. Please accept it."

"This, okay" The driver held the cheque in his and stared vacantly at Mubai who was leaving.

With a sudden one hundred million in his hands, he pinched himself to check whether he was dreaming.

Mubai took Xinghe to meet Lu Qi because he was the best doctor in town.

Mubai might have disavowed him as a friend but he'd brought them into this whole mess to begin with, so he could help them now; he owed them that much.