Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Feng Family
Chapter 328: Feng Family

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Mubai bent down and whispered gently, "How are you feeling? Is it better?"

Xinghe shook her head slowly and wheezed, "I'm fine"

"Who did all this?" Mubai asked after a moment's pause. Seeing Xinghe like this tore at his heart. He wished he could scoop her up into a hug, to give her some physical comfort but he knew he couldn't because that would be crossing the line. He could care about her from afar and he would need to satisfy himself with that for now.

Xinghe shook her head again. "I have no idea"

"Any useful information?"

"The man is looking for the energy crystal. The one with Ye Shen, we mustn't let it fall into his hands."

"Alright, I will arrange for my man to go search for it." Mubai nodded his promise.

Xinghe looked at him and said weakly, "Don't let me forget the things that happened to me, I must make them pay"

With that, she tumbled back into darkness. After that, she had a few episodes where she woke up but she was never lucid. Xinghe's health condition was also jumping all over the place, like an old machine, it could break down at any moment.

At Lu Qi's behest, Mubai decided to send Xinghe back to the hospital. They had more doctors and better equipment there. It would be more conducive to her recovery.

This news reached the ears of the mystery man as well. He also knew she was still unconscious and things were not looking up for her. Even though Mubai had a lot of experts taking care of her, her body was beyond rescue.

The man swirled the glass of red wine in his hand and smiled wickedly after his subordinate finished the report. "This might be the best ending for her. If she doesn't wake up, she can still live on in a suspended state."

This was because if she did wake up, he would have no choice but to finish the job and kill her.

"Leave her be then, I will be quite sorry if she dies after all" the man said with a chuckle. There was a hint of sympathy in his voice. This confused his subordinates because they knew him to be a heartless person.

"Young Master, the Xi family has been looking around trying to find out the truth. What if they trace it back to us?" One of his men asked anxiously.

The man laughed. "They won't be able to. But let's just say that if they did, what can they do against me? After all, the Xi family will soon be my prey!"

Viciousness flashed across his eyes.

Munan employed every method available but he got no closer to the mysterious party that silently assassinated Ye Shen in jail and kidnapped and tortured Xia Meng

From this perspective, this group must have some unusual background. In City T, there were only a handful of parties who could avoid his detection and Feng Family would be one of them.

Munan revealed his suspicion to Mubai, "Big brother, do you think it's possibly that this was done by the people from the Feng family? As you know, that Feng Saohuang is famed for his ruthless tactics."

Mubai had also suspected that this was the Feng family's handiwork, but it would be extremely difficult to prove.

City T, due to its proximity to the international trade route and history had a prominent military presence, and the military forces were roughly separated into two camps: one was the Xi family's, the other the Feng family's.

The Xi family's side was represented by Mubai's second uncle and cousin, Xi Munan.

The Feng family had always been the Xi family's bitter rival. Each tried to suppress the other, aiming to claim the whole of City T for themselves.

Currently, Xi Family had Elder Xi holding the fort down so it still had the upper hand in terms of military power.

However, the Feng family was catching up to them fast, especially as Feng Saohuang grew into his own man. He had a firm hand and decisive mind, the Feng family had grown considerably under his lead.