Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Xi Mubai Became A Slave To His Ex Wife
Chapter 329: Xi Mubai Became a Slave to His Ex-Wife

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Currently, the Xi family still had them under control but the moment Elder Xi passed away, the Feng family would rise up and retaliate. Therefore, all these years, the Xi family had been finding ways to deal with this threat. However, the Feng family was not a rival that could be dealt with easily.

Regardless, Mubai was not afraid of them. If it was found out it was truly the Feng family who were the culprits, he would crush them like the bugs they were!

"No matter what, it's about time to settle the differences between our Xi family and their Feng family anyway," Mubai told Munan in a low voice.

Munan nodded solemnly. "You're right, the sooner this is over, the better."

This was because the Xi family would truly be threatened if Feng Family was given the chance to grow. After all, the military world was not one known for being kind to the losers. Xi Family might be on top now, but if the military power fell into the Feng family's hands, they could be toppled easily.

After discussing all this, Munan couldn't help but ask the question that was weighing down his heart, "Big brother, I've been meaning to ask, why you are so concerned about this Xia Meng? Didn't you tell me you've been trying to pursue my little cousin's mother back?"

Mubai gave him an uninterested side-eye. "Who said I'm concerned about Xia Meng?"

Munan was curious. "If you're not, why are you so worried about her safety?"

He even had them mobilize all the manpower the Xi family had to find help for this woman. He had done so much, so how could he say he didn't care about Xia Meng?

"This has all been due to Xinghe's orders," Mubai explained with a straight face.

"Ex-sister in law's orders?" This confused Munan even more.

"That's right, she wants me to save Xia Meng and maybe then she might accept my romantic advances," Mubai lied with blinking an eye.

Munan believed him, he tutted at Mubai. "Who would have thought the great Young Master of the Xi family would become such a slave to his ex-wife. Hell must have frozen over without me noticing."

The thought of Mubai bowing to his wife's every demand made Munan shiver uncontrollably. The pictures in his mind completely undermined the respectful image he held of his elder cousin. He needed bleach to clear his mind of those thoughts.

Mubai stood up slowly and said, "At least I have a chance to be someone's slave, unlike a certain someone I know."

With that, he turned and left. Munan contemplated his words for a moment before realizing Mubai was chiding him for still being single!

But you're also technically single since ex-sister in law hasn't accepted you back yet! Munan grumbled internally.

After Mubai left, he went straight to the hospital. Every day he would stop by the hospital to check up on Xinghe to make sure that she was still surviving.

That day, Mubai wasn't her only visitor.

Even though there were guards posted outside her door, the man still leaped easily into her room through the window. He was so agile in his movement that none of the guards noticed his entrance. The physically impressive man walked to Xinghe's bedside, staring intensely at the unconscious woman lying in front of him.

A gloved hand squeezed Xinghe's chin and, after some more checking, the man was certain Xinghe was indeed unconscious. Not only that, her condition was deteriorating. Her breath was weak.

The man smiled indulgently. "This is what you get for coming up against me. However, after some deliberations, I've decided it's better that you die. Letting you live might lead to some unnecessary complications."

The man took out a syringe filled with lethal poison. With the one shot, she would die peacefully and quietly, given a permanent solace from all the pain and suffering.