Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 332

Chapter 332 He Can Be Xinghes Private Nurse
Chapter 332: He Can Be Xinghe's Private Nurse

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Mubai nodded. "In other words, Xinghe will need another month before she regains her consciousness?"

"That's about right," Lu Qi concurred.

One month or thirty days was an awkward time to wait, it was not too long yet not too short. Mubai spent his days alternating between hopefulness and anxiousness

Of course, this didn't mean that was all he did. It was work as usual for him, managing Xi Empire and the company's future projection while fending off advances from hostile forces. In conclusion, he tried to grow his company as much as he could within this one month period because he wanted to give Xinghe the best aid, asset-wise, when she returned.

Xia Zhi and his father were clueless about Xinghe's situation. The only information he received was that even though Xinghe had awakened, she still needed to stay at the Xi family's old mansion because her physical condition remained fairly weak.

Xia Zhi barely exchanged a few sentences with Xinghe whenever he visited.

To keep up the ruse, Xia Meng pretended to be asleep or sick whenever he visited. This gave Xia Zhi the impression that his sister had become quite low-spirited. However, he comforted himself with the fact that at least she had awakened; he believed she would be her old self as time passed.

Therefore, it came as a real surprise to Xia Zhi when he realized Xinghe once again had gone unconscious.

"What happened? Wasn't she recovering? How come she is suddenly knocked out?" Xia Zhi demanded from Mubai during one of his visits to his sister.

Mubai found it difficult to explain to Xia Zhi the complexities of the situation so he lied. Other than that, it was for Xia Zhi's own safety that the knowledge was kept away from him.

"Do not worry. The doctors recently performed another operation on her and she will wake up in about half a month. She will be fully recovered then," Mubai told Xia Zhi with confidence.

Even though Xia Zhi was more than a bit curious about his explanation, he chose to believe Mubai.

"My poor sister, I must take good care of her when she wakes up later!" Xia Zhi promised with determination.

Mubai looked at him and added softly, "Your sister has me watching over her. That's more than enough."

He wanted to take on the full responsibility of caring for Xinghe, he didn't want to share that responsibility with anyone else.

Xia Zhi grumbled unhappily, "How can that be enough? Plus, leaving my sister in your hands alone is the reason why I'm worried!"

"How so?" Mubai asked with a raised brow. Why would my actions be anyone's cause for concern?

Xia Zhi nodded. "Because who knows what kind of intentions you harbor towards my sister. I'm telling you, I will not let you hurt my sister again. Then again, she won't be so easily swayed by your actions. After all, she is such a wonderful woman; no man is good enough for her."

Xia Zhi's words were laced with pride. In his eyes, his sister was the most wonderful woman ever lived.

Mubai replied with a smile, "You're right, your sister is indeed the most wonderful woman..."

Xia Zhi looked at him curiously. He agrees with me?

"And is only deserving of the best man in the world, which is what I strive to be, so that one day I will be good enough for her," Mubai said before he turned to leave.

Xia Zhi stared at his back and grumbled to himself, "Then you'd better don't disappoint us"

If Xi Mubai let them down again, he swore on his life, he would not let him get close to her!

Of course, after Xinghe woke up, he had to remind her to be extremely cautious of Xi Mubai's intentions. She mustn't let her guard down and only accept him only after he proved he was truly good enough!

Xia Zhi believed his sister deserved the best, nothing less than that.

The days ticked by, one by one. In the blink of an eye, the period of half a month was almost over.

In recent days, Mubai spent most of his waking hours in Xinghe's company. His work was even done by her bedside.

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