Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Implicated
Chapter 339: Implicated

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With reluctance, Xinghe nodded and allowed herself to be led back to the bed. Mubai helped her get into the bed and tucked her in.

"Clear your mind for now and sleep. Sweet dreams," he whispered.

Xinghe nodded and shut her eyes. Very soon, her breathing became more and more rhythmic

Mubai sat beside her bed, studying her profile. After he was certain she was asleep, he leaned in and gave her a light peck on her forehead. Then, he moved away. He laid his eyes one last time on her sleeping face before getting up lightly. He left and closed the door behind him.

Unknown to him, the moment the door clicked shut, her eyes opened. She was still awake when Mubai leaned in to give her a goodnight kiss. This was the second kiss she received from him that day and her feelings were complicated. She knew perfectly well how Mubai felt about her but she was unsure whether she reciprocated those feelings or not. She couldn't say for a fact that she loved him but it was true that she was no longer averse to his romantic advances.

Her mind was clouded because it was not her habit to concentrate on things like romantic relationship and feelings. She was unsure how to react towards Mubai's active pursuit because she too had no idea how she really felt. She was willing to give everything for the person she loved but it was hard to tell whether Xi Mubai belonged in that category of people or not

Either way, it was not yet time to deal with questions like those, at least not until the threat of the Feng family had been resolved. Xinghe sighed and went to sleep.

Xinghe had a long sleep. No one came to disturb her so she had no clue that the atmosphere within the Xi family had gotten increasingly strained. Munan's predicament had turned into a colossal disaster. All the collected evidence pointed towards him. He was the biggest suspect. Even his father Xi Jiangnan who was Hwa Xia's senior military official was also implicated.

If this charge of illegal profiteering of military munitions was pinned on Munan, the whole Xi Family would be dragged into the investigation and that included Mubai.

Even though Mubai wasn't part of the military, but business elite, he would also be implicated.

In recent few years, Mubai's company had an exponential growth. Rumors were saying the source of his company assets actually came from a suspicious background. So, almost every day his company and accounts were crawling with federal investigators.

Mubai was not afraid of these allegations because they were unfounded but being framed and backstabbed by his business partners-cum-competitors was a bit hard to swallow. The whole Xi family was furious.

Elder Xi had to reach out for aid. Only with his personal involvement could the Xi family get some breathing space. This meant that leadership of the Xi family had temporarily fallen to Mubai's father, Xi Jiangsan.

Mubai, for his part, had mobilized his men to locate the missing munitions. Currently, only with the restoration of the munitions and capture of the traitor could the Xi family's name be cleared, or the Xi Family would fall before this hurdle.

If Munan was indicted with this charge, the Xi family could topple overnight. In the world of politics, there was no lasting winner. One day you might be at the top but the next you would be at the bottom.

One careless mistake and there would be a whole line of people waiting for you to fail, to add insult to injury. The world was a cruel place, one had to step on other people's corpses to rise to the top.

Therefore, when people heard the news regarding Xi Family, they were already prepared to usurp the throne.

When approached, they promised verbally to lend the Xi family aid, but those were nothing more than empty promises.