Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Come After Me Not So Easy
Chapter 340: Come After Me? Not So Easy

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The Xi family was most familiar with these rules, after all, they themselves practically wrote the playbook. Therefore, they knew that they had to rely on themselves and no one else to get over this hurdle. The most pressing issue was to clear Munan's name of the charge of illegally selling military munitions.

However, the munitions had disappeared without a trace. There was no clue for them to even follow up on

Other than that, they had to secure the evidence within a month, because after the one month, Feng Saohuang would replace Munan as the leader of the Flying Dragon unit. In other words, they didn't have much time left. They had to work fast or the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Xi family had pooled all their resource to solve this issue and, of course, had prepared for the worst.

"Mubai, you have to stay out of this whole mess," Jiangsan told his son solemnly, "If, god forbid, this is unsalvageable, at least we will still have some standing in the business world."

Munan's father, Jiangnian nodded in agreement. "Your father is right. Mubai, leave yourself out of this. We can't put all our eggs in one basket, if Munan is to fall, at least the Xi family will still have you to fall back on."

Mubai's face was creased with a smile. "Dad, Uncle, you're being too optimistic. Even if I were willing to bow out, the enemy would not allow it since it is their goal to ruin the entire Xi family."

"They may try but our Xi family is not so easily ruined." Jiangsan retorted with dignity. Jiangnian thought the same way. From their perspective, the Xi family was immovable, not even the Feng family could do them any real harm. The most they could do was plot against Munan but that was where the plotting stopped because they wouldn't be able to touch the larger Xi family.

Mubai thought otherwise. "The Xi name is very precarious at the moment. Our family's future lies with Munan, the fact that they came after him showed how far our enemy is willing to go to hunt our Xi family down. After Munan is taken out, I will be their next target because I'm the next biggest threat."

After all, Mubai had rich financial backing and strong influence in the city. If he fell, the Xi family would follow. Without the younger generation to hold up the family, the Xi family would eventually dwindle in power and die out. It was a given that the enemy would go after Mubai with all they had after they took care of Munan.

"It is exactly because of this that you must extricate yourself from this mess," Jiangnian advised.

"Unless the Xi family disowns me, that will not happen," Mubai replied with finality, "Plus, as a proud member of the Xi family, how can I just stand and watch? Father, uncle, do not worry about me, I will not be so easily taken down. Of course, that is the same for the Xi family!"

"If we manage to weather this storm, we will definitely let the enemy taste the Xi family's wrath and teach them all lesson for daring to come after us, the Xi family!" Jiangnian hissed through gritted teeth. Jiangsan shared his anger.

"Our Xi family got to our position today from sheer hard work and talent. We did not do one despicable thing, yet these people dare to harm us from the dark! After we find the culprits, they will be punished severely!"

However, this wasn't the point that angered them the most. The most furious thing was that they knew who the enemy was but could do nothing against them. They could only fume in anger as they watched the enemy come after their family members. This was where most of their grievances came from.

Therefore, this time, the bitter rivalry between the Xi family and the Feng family had come to an ugly climax. It could only end with one of the parties dead.

Of course, the Feng family understood this as well. Needless to say, they too were giving it everything they'd got to land a fatal blow on the Xi family.