Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 343

Chapter 343 The Intruders Are Here
Chapter 343: The Intruders Are Here!

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Xinghe sat beside him, her fingers flying over the keyboard. In the luxurious, armored car, there was a built-in computer. The car drove smoothly and rapidly. This afforded Xinghe the convenience of further research as they sped towards the pier

The moment Mubai finished his orders, Xinghe had hacked into the pier's security system.

"How's everything?" He put away the phone to ask.

"Everything's fine according to the surveillance, nothing's out of place yet."

"But they should be doing this tonight," Mubai mused. After all, the longer this was dragged on, the greater the chance of it not working out.

Xinghe nodded. "If they do it tonight, I will be sure to pick up on it."

The moment she finished, she noticed a suspicious movement on the screen. She smirked. "They're here!"

[The intruders are here!]

Inside a hidden room, a man with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses was facing a giant computer. He was overwriting the pier's surveillance video. There was a certain expertise to the way his fingers moved. It didn't take him too long to finish the job.

"Done!" the man said with a smug smirk. He raised his head to look at a tall man standing near the window and reported, "Boss, I've fixed the videos."

The man nodded and responded in a chilling voice, "Very good, then we shall proceed with the plan."

"Yes sir!" The bodyguard in black who stood beside him nodded deferentially. Their plan was to smuggle the stolen munitions into one of the containers under the cover of the night. Of course, before all that, they had to first manipulate the surveillance videos. The video feed for the guards at the security office was a pre-recorded surveillance from a few days ago; they had no idea what was really happening.

Of course, the enemy couldn't have foretold that Xinghe was already one step ahead of them

Mubai's car was parked in a secluded corner near the pier. He watched the video and grumbled coldly, "So, they are committing their operation tonight. I will make sure they pay big time."

"You want to capture them now?" Xinghe queried.

Mubai replied with a wicked smirk, "Wouldn't that be incredibly boring? At least, we have to wait until the traitor shows himself first."

Xinghe smiled lightly. "I'm of the same opinion. Well then, let's enjoy ourselves and watch a good show."

Mubai shared a meaningful look at her and they both smiled, sharing a certain understanding, exclusive to the two of them.

The night had finally drawn in. The workers at the pier slowly left and the sprawling pier started to quiet down. It was time for the men in the dark to mobilize as well.

They smuggled in a bunch of stolen munitions and spread them across many different containers. The guards weren't notified of their activities because the surveillance had already been tinkered with.

Alas, the men in the shadows failed to realize their actions had been recorded. Even when they retreated, they didn't notice they were tailed. Their actions had been thoroughly exposed

"Young Master, the plan was a success!" The bodyguard in black outfit informed the tall man after he received the update from his crew.

The man turned around slowly to reveal his good-looking face.

"Nicely done," he said with an evil smirk, his eyes dancing with a manic glint. "Tonight will be the last night that the Xi family resides at the top. Tomorrow, I will let the world know that the times have changed!"

The times indeed had changed but what changes it would bring was still an unknown.

After a long night, the morning sun finally appeared on the horizon. Like Mubai, Xinghe worked throughout the night.