Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 344

Chapter 344 The Lin From The Capital
Chapter 344: The Lin from the Capital

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However, they didn't feel tired, instead they were quite hyped. After Mubai made one last phone call, he looked out the window and a wisp of a smile appeared on his face. It caught the soft light of the rising sun. This was because everything was within their control.

"We can go now," he told his driver.

"Yes, sir."

The car left the pier towards the Xi family's old mansion. At the same time, a group of men rushed towards the pier and under the watchful gaze of the leader, all the planted munitions were removed from the containers.

The workers that were arriving were shocked to see the military munitions on open display. They thought it was over for the Xi family!

In the car, Mubai received the information.

"Young Master, they've found the munitions. I bet they are going to the Xi family next with an arrest warrant," Mubai's bodyguard reported to him on the phone.

"Understood," Mubai hung up his phone but his face was calm, not one trace of nervousness.

Xinghe asked with an arched brow, "They're coming?"

"They will be here soon," Mubai replied with a smile. Then he got down from the car to open the door for Xinghe.

"My lady," he said with a proffered hand. Xinghe hesitated for a moment before taking it. Mubai squeezed her palm, and escorted her towards the living room. Before they could even reach the door, the house butler accosted them, "Young Master, Elder Xi is home and has been looking everywhere for you."

"Thank you," Mubai answered indifferently and led Xinghe into the room.

In the spacious living room, Grandfather Xi took the main seat and beside him were Jiangsan, Jiangnian as well as Mubai's mother. Joining them was a young lady with an unusual presence. The moment Mubai and Xinghe stepped in, all eyes turned towards them.

The young lady saw Xinghe let go of Mubai's hand at last minute, and her lips curled into a condescending smile. Her gaze swept Xinghe's face and the condescension within her grew.

So my competition is just a pedestrian nobody?

The derision in the young woman's eyes was caught by Xinghe. Women were particularly sensitive to these kinds of things after all. She was confused. Who is this woman?

Grandfather Xi provided the answer in the next moment.

"Mubai, it's good that you're finally home," Grandfather Xi opened his mouth to announce authoritatively, "Come, let me make some introductions, this here is Miss Lin Yun. She is a special guest I've invited from the capital. Miss Lin might be a young woman but she is already a national intelligence service agent, and she holds quite an important position in it as well."

Grandfather Xi's introduction had a special meaning to it. After he made the introduction, Mubai knew instantly this Lin Yun's actual identity. She was from the capital's Lin Family

Mubai looked at her uninterestedly and nodded politely. "Nice to meet you, Miss Lin."

Lin Yun stood up gracefully and gave Mubai a confident smile. "Mr. Xi, nice to meet you. Your name precedes your actions, so it's nice to finally meet you in person."

"The pleasure is mine." Mubai's tone was still as indifferent as before. He didn't treat her differently like everyone else had when they learnt of her identity.

Lin Yun didn't mind, because a proud man was her exact type.

"Mr. Xi, please take a seat, we're in the middle of discussing Mr. Xi Munan's case. However, can the outsider please excuse herself first; after all, everything we discuss will be confidential," Lin Yun commanded as she sat down like she owned the place.

Everyone understood her comment. The outsider she was referring to was Xia Xinghe!