Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Big Brother Xi
Chapter 345: Big Brother Xi

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Even though the Xi family no longer had much prejudice towards Xinghe, she was ultimately not a Xi. Her seat at the table wasn't warranted.

Mrs. Xi smiled politely at Xinghe and said, "Xinghe, you just recovered, right? Why don't you go and rest? You need to take good care of your body."

Xinghe obviously understood what Mubai's mother was hinting at. However, before she could come to a decision, Mubai pulled her down alongside him and said with finality, "She is not an outsider. She deserves to be part of the conversation."

Lin Yun's face fell but she quickly turned it into a smile. "Mr. Xi, the things we will be discussing concern many important parties, are you sure she deserves to be here?"

"This is indeed a family business, it doesn't concern Xinghe," Grandfather Xi announced with authority. "Maids, escort Miss Xia back to her room."

"I've told her everything, so she can stay," Mubai dropped the news suddenly. This surprised even Grandfather Xi.

Jiangsan had a grim face. "This is outrageous, how can you reveal such important information to random strangers "

"Xinghe is not some random stranger, she is the mother of my son so, technically, this still stays within our family." Mubai's tone was staunch, he was telling them that, on this point, he was unmovable.

Lin Yun proffered a thin smile. "If Mr. Xi says so, then she can stay."

She assumed Xinghe was the stubborn ex-wife that still clung to Mubai's fame and money, so she didn't consider her a threat. She had met similar cannon fodder in her life.

Grandfather Xi glared at Mubai but turned his face up to talk to Lin Yun, "Xiao Yun, I've told you basically everything. Our two families go way back and your grandfather knows the honor the Xi name holds so he naturally understands that my grandson would not do something like this. However, we are unable to find the proof to clear his name so this time, I will have to leave everything in your capable hands."

Lin Yun nodded and smiled confidently. "Grandfather Xi, do not worry. I'm here today because my grandfather told me to give the Xi family my full support. I believe in the character of the Xi family members, so I will have my people investigate this further and return to Mr. Xi Munan his innocence. Until this thing blows over, I will stay in City T, come find me if you ever need anything."

Grandfather Xi laughed happily. "Alright, I will remember your grandfather's kindness. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to tell us. Of course, we will pay for all the expenses."

Lin Yun smiled and her gaze landed on Mubai. "Grandfather Xi, I don't have much to ask but this is the first time I've been to City T and I've always been impressed with Big Brother Xi's reputation. I'm wondering if Big Brother Xi can be my guide and give me a tour of City T?"

Seconds ago, she still called Mubai Mr. Xi and now it had become Big Brother Xi? Even the blind could see what Lin Yun was getting at.

Xinghe took a short glance at Lin Yun, her eyes devoid of interest.

"Of course, this can be arranged"

Mrs. Xi was going to agree with a smile when Mubai jumped in to say, "Miss Xin, I don't have time to entertain you unfortunately. As you know, the Xi family will be incredibly busy in the upcoming few days and weeks, but do not worry because I will assign you the best tour guide."

The rejection didn't faze Lin Yun. In fact, she smiled confidently and said, "Big Brother Xi you're being too kind, but I assure you I will not take too much of your time. Plus we can discuss your cousin's case during the tour."

"If you want to discuss Munan's case, then Miss Lin should go to my grandfather," Mubai rebuffed her again.

Lin Yun was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and came from a loaded family background. She didn't deal well with rejection.