Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Pander To Her Impossible
Chapter 346: Pander to Her? Impossible!

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Normally, people tried their best to get on her good side, so getting rejected twice by Mubai was making her feel extremely touchy. She retracted her smile and observed with a tone laced with iciness, "Looks like Mr. Xi is not welcoming of my presence."

"Of course I welcome you," Mubai responded instantly but he couldn't keep the perfunctory tone out of his words.

"If that's the case, why do you insist on rejecting my request?" Lin Yun asked directly. Even though the Xi family was a powerful family, they were in her debt so she could afford to be direct.

Furthermore, the fact that Mubai didn't give her face did anger her for quite a bit. If not for the fact he still had his uses to her, she wouldn't have tried to ingratiate herself to him.

Grandfather Xi saw this unfortunate turn of event and quickly lectured Mubai, "Mubai, Xiao Yun is after all our esteemed guest. As a host, you should treat her nicely. Even if we did not need her help, which we do, you should act like a gracious host."

"Your grandfather is right, Mubai. Accompanying Xiao Yun wouldn't take up much of your time anyway," Mrs. Xi advised him too. They knew he currently had eyes only for Xinghe but they didn't exactly ask him to fall in love with Lin Yun. They only needed him to accompany Lin Yun for a few days and turn up a smile once in a while because the Xi family was in need of her help.

After all, the Lin family had immense influence and Lin Yun worked at the national intelligence bureau, her help would be instrumental in getting the Xi family out of this predicament.

Mubai naturally understood his family's thoughts. However, they had no idea they didn't need the Lin family's support. Even if they did, he would not demean himself to suck up to another conceited woman, wasn't one Chu Tianxin enough?

Mubai replied with an apathetic smirk, "I think everyone has misunderstood me. It is not my intention to not be a gracious host but I really don't have the time to accompany Miss Lin. I've said I will arrange for her the best tour guide and, of course, if Miss Lin needs anything beyond that, I welcome her to name it."

But I will not bend over backwards to pander to this woman!

Lin Yun was surprised by Mubai's ego. Elder Xi even had to beg the Lin family for aid and Mubai still refused to bow down to her demands? Does he really think his Xi family is so great?

Lin Yun was a beauty with great family background and ability. There was no man in the world that would not go out of his way to get into her good books. Therefore, the fact that Mubai had so rudely trampled over her face incensed her deeply.

If not for his good looks, she would've given him a slap on the face! However, she quickly calmed herself, eventually he would need to crawl back to beg for her help.

Lin Yun smiled lightly and stood up with grace. "Grandfather Xi if your Xi family doesn't welcome me, then I'm going back home. Plus, based on how Mr. Xi is acting, I'm sure he can come up with his own solution to solve Mr. Xi Munan's problem, so I see that I'm not needed. Goodbye."

Lin Yun turned to leave. Before she took take another step, Grandfather Xi, as she expected, called after her, "Xiao Yun, wait, please sit back down! You are my special guest, so of course you are welcomed here. Your Big Brother Xi has always been this way, so please don't lower yourself to his level."

The perceptive Mrs. Xi stood up in a hurry to pull on Lin Yun's arm and said kindly, "That's right, Mubai acts like this around everyone. Xiao Yun, you have to forgive him. If you want to tour City T, Auntie will accompany you. Name any place you want to go and I guarantee we will make sure that you have the most fun."

Even Jiangsan and Jiangnian tried their best to make her stay.