Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 348

Chapter 348 To Capture Young Master Mubai
Chapter 348: To Capture Young Master Mubai

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Mubai narrowed his eyes menacingly. Even Xinghe was feeling increasingly annoyed.

From the beginning until now, she'd done nothing. Is this Lin Yun crazy, why should I apologize to her?

Xinghe had no idea Lin Yun couldn't stand her the moment she laid her sight on Xinghe. Lin Yun didn't care for the calm way Xinghe carried herself. In Lin Yun's eyes, that spoke of arrogance.

Furthermore, the actual aim of her visit was to draw Mubai into the fold of the Lin family. Since Mubai valued Xinghe so much, it was obvious to Lin Yun that Xinghe was an obstacle to her goal. Mubai even dared to chase her out to protect Xinghe, so Lin Yun was irked by Xinghe's presence.

So what if Xinghe had done nothing wrong, she still demanded an apology from her. This unreasonable demand finally crossed Mubai's bottom line.

He smirked coldly and ordered sharply, "Then leave! Don't stop her, let her leave!"

"Xi Mubai, you" Mr. Xi was shocked and angered. Son, do you need to act this way?

If Mubai had conceded to Lin Yun's demand in the beginning, things wouldn't have reached this stage.

Lin Yun was understandably incensed by his words. She dropped the last faade of decorum. "Fine, Xi Mubai, you dare to treat me this way Is this how the Xi family begs other people for help? Fine, then I shall leave now, don't even think my Lin family will ever lend our aid in the future. Solve this problem on your own if you're so capable! I can't wait to see how horribly this will end for all of you!"

Lin Yun shoved Mrs. Xi away roughly and stormed out. At that moment, Grandfather Xi, Jiangsan, and Jiangnian's hearts were seized with anxiety. This couldn't have turned out any worse.

They not only didn't help Munan clear his name but also had crossed the Lin family Could this really be the end for Xi family?

They had angered Lin Yun so that the only way to win her back was probably to kneel down before her and beg for forgiveness. There was no way Xi family would demean themselves to that standard.

But, was there any other choice?

As the uncomfortable atmosphere hung in the air, a maid rushed into the room anxiously. "Elder Xi, this is not good! There is a military platoon outside saying they're here to capture Young Master Mubai!"


Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief. Even Lin Yun who had reached the door was surprised. She stopped, suddenly deciding that she wanted to stay a while longer

"What did you say?" Mr. Xi accosted the maid and asked with a deep frown.

The maid repeated, "There is a military platoon outside saying they're here to capture Young Master Mubai!"

"Capture Mubai?" Mrs. Xi's face was pale, she turned to Mubai worriedly. "Mubai, what's going on? You didn't do anything, right?"

Mubai was calm before the storm. He comforted them, "Don't worry, nothing will happen to me."

"But there are soldiers outside looking for you." Tears were coming into Mrs. Xi eyes.

Jiangsan asked the maid, "Who is the platoon leader?"

"The man said his name is Feng Saohuang"

Feng Saohuang!

Xinghe shared a quick meaningful look with Mubai. They read each other's thoughts easily. That man dared to come in person. Looks like he couldn't wait to take the Xi family on.

"Let him in," Xinghe said suddenly. This was the first thing she was ever since she walked in. Everyone was shocked.

Mrs. Xi frowned. "What are you talking about? They're here to capture Mubai, how can we let them in"

"Let him in!" To her surprise, Mubai repeated Xinghe's words but more forcefully.

Of course, they would let the man in because they already couldn't wait to face-slap Feng Saohuang!