Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Its Over For The Xi Family
Chapter 349: It's Over for the Xi Family

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It was indeed Feng Saohuang who led the group of soldiers to detain Mubai. He was responsible for overseeing Munan's case so it naturally fell on his shoulders to detain Mubai. It was also because it was him who headed Munan's case that the Xi family had trouble clearing Munan's name.

The Xi family didn't dare to pull some behind-the-scene strings because this was a sensitive time, one wrong step and they would show a weakness for their enemy to exploit. This was why Grandfather Xi had gone looking for Lin family's help.

The Lin family had great influence around the capital. Furthermore, they had easy access to the national intelligence agency.

In the end, to their consternation, they formed a new enemy in Lin Yun whom Grandfather Xi had expended a great deal of effort to invite over. And now, Feng Saohuang had led his troop over to capture Mubai!

Things couldn't get any worse for the Xi family.

Grandfather Xi's face was one of distress but he could still hold his own. He stood up and calmed everyone with his authority. "Everyone calm down! They might be here to capture people but that requires evidence too. As long as I'm still here, nothing will happen to the Xi family!"

Hearing that, the group was greatly allayed. Grandfather Xi was right, the Xi family wasn't so easily beaten. If necessary, they didn't mind facing the predicament with everything they'd got. However, that would be a not so brilliant plan because it would severely hurt the Xi family's vigor. The best outcome was naturally getting over this hurdle without suffering much damage. Either way, the Xi family would not fall!

Even Mrs. Xi had straightened her spine, ready to face the storm.

However, when Feng Saohuang stormed into the room with a platoon of gun-toting soldiers, the atmosphere in the room became instantly tense. The hostility in Saohuang's gaze was obvious for all to see.

"Elder Xi, it has been a long time," Saohuang greeted with a cold smirk.

Grandfather Xi stared him down with authority. "Feng Saohuang, what is the meaning of this? Why did you bring so many armed forces into Xi family's grounds?"

Saohuang sneered. "The meaning is simple, to capture the accomplice to the case of profiteering from stolen military munitions!"

"What?" Mr. Xi frowned in shock. "What accomplice? You'd better explain yourself."

Everyone except Xinghe and Mubai was surprised by this accusation. Lin Yun smirked smugly.

This was the end of the Xi family. She was just waiting for them to come crawling back to her on their knees. Lin Yun crossed her arms arrogantly and watched the events unfold with a conceited grin

Saohuang's finger suddenly pointed at Mubai but he didn't even deign to look his accused in his eyes. "Your son, Xi Mubai is the accomplice to the crime of profiteering from stolen munitions. We have ironclad evidence to prove he is the accomplice so I'm here to capture him as the law compels me to."

"How could my son be the accomplice? Our Xi family would never do anything that violates the law!" Mrs. Xi retorted. "Mr. Feng, you said you have evidence, but where is it? You can't just go around pointing fingers at people."

"That's right, where is your proof?" Grandfather Xi also demanded.

Saohuang broke into a smug smile. He put down his finger and announced proudly, "The evidence is the report we received this morning that states that Xi Empire Pier has been hiding illegal munitions. We followed the report and searched Xi Empire Pier. Indeed we found a batch of military munitions there and they matched the ones stolen under Xi Munan's watch!"

"Impossible" Grandfather Xi knocked his walking stick and it sent a tremor throughout the room. "Our Xi family would never such a thing, this is a set-up!"

Saohuang was not impressed by this old coot's show of power. He grinned slyly.