Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 350

Chapter 350 I Have Something To Say
Chapter 350: I Have Something to Say

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"Whether this is a set-up or not is not my concern. I'm here only to exact the law; you can take your objection to the military court's judge. Men, detain Xi Mubai this instant!"

"I want to see who dares to do so!" Grandfather Xi hollered loudly the moment Saohuang finished his order. His still had a commanding presence, this one holler stopped all of Saohuang's men.

Grandfather Xi took two steps forward authoritatively and glared sternly at Saohuang. "Just because the military munitions appeared at our piers, it must belong to our Xi family? Perhaps someone planted them there to frame our Xi family!"

Saohuang, of course, understood Grandfather Xi's hidden meaning; the 'someone' in question was referring to him. But what if it really was his handiwork? The Xi family couldn't do anything against him.

Saohuang laughed arrogantly. "Elder Xi, I've told you already, whether this is a set-up or not is not my concern. I'm doing everything according to the law or is it your intention to obstruct justice"

His harsh and pointed question greatly angered Grandfather Xi.

Saohuang was not afraid of him. His eyes burned with rancor. "If Elder Xi really wishes to stop us, I wouldn't mind detaining you as well!"

"Feng Saohuang, you are acting way out of line!" Jiangnian stepped in front of Grandfather Xi to shield him. "Our Xi family is not a place for you to run rampant!"

"General Xi is pulling ranks on me?" Saohuang added another charge to their name. Jiangnian might have a higher rank than Saohuang but Saohuang had the law on his side; no one could stop him. Saohuang had undeniable proof to back up his insolence.

He scanned the whole Xi family coldly and said mercilessly, "Xi Mubai's criminal proof is in my hands and I have every right given by this great country's law to detain him. Which one of you Xi dares to have any opinion? Who dares to argue with the law"

"You" Jiangnian was angered beyond words but their hands were indeed tied. They could influence things in the dark but the supposed evidence had brought this to the open and they couldn't openly violate the law. This meant that they had to stand there helplessly and watch Mubai be taken away. However, if both Munan and Mubai were detained, then it would really be over for the Xi family.

"Perfect, because I do have an opinion!" Suddenly, Xinghe's clear voice cut through the room.

Everyone was shocked and turned to her in an instant

Saohuang met her gaze and he was caught by surprise. This sharp gaze is so familiar

"You have an opinion?" Saohuang asked politely but his eyes were full of menace. However, facing him, there was not one trace of fear in Xinghe.

"That's right, you heard me correctly." Xinghe returned him a similarly vicious gaze and enunciated her words one by one.

Mubai stood beside Xinghe and stared at Saohuang like he was a dead man. "Feng Saohuang, I actually have quite a strong opinion regarding your wish to capture me."

Saohuang cackled out loud as his eyes turned colder. "You're a criminal and she's just a woman. Unfortunately, you have to be more qualified than that to have an opinion."

"That's just a kettle calling the pot black." Xinghe replied with a smile, "Because I fail to see how you're qualified to barge in here and capture people."

Saohuang narrowed his eyes warningly. "You said I'm not qualified."

"Indeed, you are not," Xinghe replied indifferently like he wasn't worth to be taken seriously.

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