Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Feng Saohuang I Advise You To Leave
Chapter 351: Feng Saohuang, I Advise You to Leave

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Saohuang's eyes were burning with killing intent. Everyone was shocked at Xinghe's attitude. No one could have known that she would be so fearless against Saohuang, to the extent of challenging him directly

"I will give you a chance to repeat yourself. Did you say that I'm not qualified to be here and capture Xi Mubai?" Saohuang said slowly, his tone as flat as a dead man's.

No one woman had dared to talk to him like that before well, all but one.

Xinghe looked at him disinterestedly. "How many times you want me to repeat myself? Yes, you are not qualified."

The air around Saohuang froze. His lips curved dangerously upwards. "Do tell, how am I not qualified? If not, jail is waiting for you."

"We'll see about that." Xinghe maintained her fearlessness. "Feng Saohuang, I advise you to leave now before things turn ugly for you."

"What did you say?" Saohuang squinted his eyes that were brimming with killing intent.

"Xinghe, you need to have a better filter" Mrs. Xi tried to stop her. "This is not the time to spout nonsense!"

Saohuang was not some 'Townsperson B', angering him had no benefits for Xinghe.

"Mrs. Xi, please don't worry, it's not my way to talk nonsense," Xinghe replied calmly, "It is my sincere advice to Mr. Feng that he packs up and leaves."

Saohuang suddenly laughed like a crazy person before calming down. He leveled a murderous gaze at Xinghe. "Who gave you the guts to talk to me like that"

"I gave them to her," Mubai opened his mouth slowly to say. Like Xinghe, his eyes spoke of the disdain he had for Saohuang. "You have a problem with that?"

Saohuang started laughing maniacally again. "Of course I do! Men, detain the both of them and haul them away!"

He was waiting to see who else dared to defy him.

"Who dares to stand in the way will be taken away as well, no matter who that person may be!" Saohuang's chilling gaze swept the whole Xi family, taunting and warning them. As the soldiers marched into the room, the whole Xi family had their hearts at their throats.

Lin Yun couldn't help but chuckle with derision. "Idiot!"

From her perspective, Xinghe was, even for some random cannon fodder, the most idiotic person she had seen.

However, she still raised her voice and said, "Wait"

Saohuang's platoon turned to her in confusion after hearing her sudden voice.

Lin Yun smiled and said with confidence, "Major Feng, is it? Nice to meet you, I'm from the capital's Lin family. My name is Lin Yun."

Saohuang was slightly taken aback before offering a charming smile in return. "An honor to make your acquaintance, Miss Lin. How can I help you?"

Lin Yun replied with a smile, "I'm here on my grandfather's order to help Xi family with a case. Could you please consider giving me face and give them a chance?"

Saohuang didn't deny nor accept. "What kind of chance does Miss Lin want me to give them?"

"It's not much, I just wish that you give them two days of extra time. If, in two days' time, the Xi family still can't produce the proof to clear their name, feel free to take them all in. Of course, if Mr. Feng is willing to give me this face, my Lin family will remember it forever."

Saohuang knew of the Lin family's great influence so he came to a decision quick.

"If this is Miss Lin's personal request then I can consider it," he said with a thin smile. He had full confidence that he could pin this whole thing on Xi family so he wasn't in a hurry.

After receiving his promise, Lin Yun turned to Xinghe and Mubai with a pompous smile. "Well, that depends on them. If the two of you are willing to beg for my forgiveness, I, Lin Yun, am more than willing to lend my aid."