Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 352

Chapter 352 Open Your Eyes And Watch Closely
Chapter 352: Open Your Eyes and Watch Closely

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"Not necessary," Xinghe rejected her directly. "We will not demean ourselves to ask for your help."

"What did you say" Lin Yun was one step away from looking like a crazy woman. How dare she say that it's below them to ask for help from me

"Just who do you think you are to you dare talk to me that way? One word from me, Lin Yun, and your whole family could survive. Fine, Major Feng, just arrest this whole family. Take them away now. I want to see just how good they can fend on their own. This time even if any of you get down on your knees to beg me, I will not step in! Your Xi family deserves to end up this way and I can't wait to savor your sweet downfall!"

"Shut up!" Mrs. Xi had just about had enough of this girl. She glared angrily at Lin Yun and berated her, "Miss Lin, while it is true that our Xi family asked you for help but that doesn't mean that you are automatically one station above us! We respect you so we were courteous towards you but perhaps that was a mistake because your uncouth nature has proven how undeserving you are of our respect!"

"You" Lin Yin's red was red from fury; she didn't think that even Mrs. Xi would talk like that to her.

She cackled continuously. "Fine, if your Xi family is so great, then solve this problem yourself. Don't even dare think of coming to my Lin family for help. However, I wish to see whether the Xi family is really so full of bravado that you will choose the collapse of your whole family over begging me for help!"

"Looks like the Lin family is going on the decline if its future is the hands of one such as yourself," Grandfather Xi announced condescendingly. "If that's case then we have nothing more to say. If you want to capture people then feel free to detain me as well. I want to see for myself who the culprit is that dares to frame my Xi Family in this way!"

"Take me too," Jiangnian stood forward. "I want to see who dares to pin this criminal charge on us, the Xi Family, before the military court."

"Brother is right. Our Xi family will stand and fall together, but not before pulling the real sinner down with us!" Jiangsan added with fervor.

Lin Yun chuckled condescendingly. She realized her grandfather's decision to have her ingratiate herself to the Xi family was a giant mistake. The whole Xi Family was a bunch of idiots, and they were going to meet their end soon.

Saohuang was overjoyed with this development. He couldn't wait to drag the whole Xi Family into jail.

"If that's the case, drag them all away!" He waved his men forward and ordered coldly.

"You sure about that?" Xinghe asked suddenly.

Saohuang was ready to kill Xinghe. "Woman, you must be yearning for death for obstructing my job constantly like this!"

"You're the one looking for death barging into our Xi family's grounds with a platoon of soldiers." Mubai said, "Feng Saohuang, I hate to tell you this, but you've miscalculated."

"All that scheming was for nothing," Xinghe added pointedly.

Mubai smiled wickedly. "Feng Saohuang, I advise you to come back later after double-checking your report. Do you really think my Xi family is so easily bullied"

Saohuang again narrowed his eyes in malice. "I will not concern myself with the wailing of the almost dead. However, Xi Mubai, I also have a piece of advice for you. Open your eyes and look around, the Xi family is finished!"

"Our eyesight is perfect, yours is the one that needs fixing." Xinghe suddenly pulled out a stack of photographs and slapped it directly at Saohuang's face.

The photographs fluttered slowly to the floor.

Saohuang frowned as he looked closer at the picture and he reeled slightly back in shock.

"What are all these?" Jiangnian picked up a few photos to study. His face became increasingly drawn. "These are pictures of people planting military munitions at Xi Empire Pier?"

"What is going on?" Grandfather Xi also asked out of curiosity.