Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Get Out Of Our Home
Chapter 353: Get Out of our Home!

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Although they might not understand it, the moment Saohuang laid his eyes on those pictures he understood what they meant

He was in utter disbelief, the operation from last night had all been captured on film!

When did Xi Mubai and his family find out about it, how could I have allowed myself to be set up like this?

"You seem to be extremely familiar with these pictures," Xinghe observed as she stared right at him. Saohuang raised his eyes from the pictures to meet hers and, for some reason, he saw hatred as well familiarity in them

However, he was good at pretense so he revealed nothing in his expression. Instead, he demanded coldly, "What are you insinuating? And what is the meaning of these pictures? What, you think you can get out of the criminal charge with these?"

"Of course not, other than pictures, we have the whole thing on tape and have captured the real culprit!" Xinghe took her time to reveal everything.

Saohuang's pupils shuddered a tiny bit. Mubai caught that slight shift in his expression and chuckled mirthlessly. "Feng Saohuang, the traitor has been uncovered and has been sent to the police station alongside all the evidence. You're barking up the wrong tree here. Speaking of which, do you want me to tell you who the real culprit is, so you get the right person next time?"

Saohuang smiled awkwardly. "Is that so? Well, who is the culprit?"

"Turns out it was Munan's second-in-command, Zhou Jiaming."


"Looks like this comes as a surprise to Major Feng as well." Mubai said with a light smile, "Honestly it was a surprise to us too. However, we feel there might be a bigger criminal hiding behind him. Unfortunately, we have no idea who is it yet."

The smile on Saohuang's face froze.

"You'd better be telling the truth or none of you will be getting off lightly for falsification of evidence!" he warned severely. He was probably angry from the fact that his plan had been utterly ruined.

"Well, some of us here definitely know whether the evidence is falsified or not." Mubai wasn't backing down. "At the same time, I would like to remind Major Feng that all the people that had tried to come for my Xi family in the past have met horrible ends!"

Saohuang glared at Mubai with a pair of emotionless eyes. "Was that threat directed at me?"

Mubai chuckled to himself. "It's your prerogative if you want to take my kind reminder as a threat."

The air around Saohuang immediately froze.

"However, the fact that you have stormed into our family grounds on the basis of false information, that you should have checked out earlier, has greatly ruined my family's name. But rest assured, we will pursue the damage compensation accordingly," Mubai stated with a hefty warning like a king delivering his judgment to his constituents.

Saohuang was not afraid of his threat. He smirked coolly. "Fine, you can take this up with the military. You'd better not let me catch any more of your family's misgivings in the future or I will not be so courteous next time!"

"Today's performance was you being courteous?" Mubai observed sarcastically, "Regardless, I thank you for your advice. Now, collect your men and get the f*ck out of our Xi family home!"

Saohuang gave a nasty scowl as his eyes shone with a vicious glint. However, it was true that he didn't have any reason to stay on Xi family grounds anymore.

"Let's go!"

He turned swiftly and left with gritted teeth. No one saw how gloomy his face was at the end.

However, everyone could see how much of a sorry figure he cut as he retreated. The Xi family didn't have to do much, he was face-slapped by his own carelessness and overconfidence.

The anger roiling within Saohuang then was so great that he wished he could murder every single one of them there!