Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 354

Chapter 354 Xinghes Contribution
Chapter 354: Xinghe's Contribution

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The thing that made him the angriest was the fact that his plans had all been undone. The moment he left the Xi family grounds, Saohuang rushed towards the police station. He needed to ascertain whether Zhou Jiaming had really been captured or not!

The negative miasma over the Xi family dissipated with Saohuang's departure. Mrs. Xi asked Mubai with joyful surprise, "Mubai, is what you said true? All the acusations aimed at our Xi family have been cleared?"

Grandfather Xi and the rest looked at him expectantly. Mubai nodded with a smile. "That's right, everything has been cleared, including the suspicion against Munan."

"Really" Jiangnian exclaimed with excitement. "What happened? How did you manage that?"

Mubai replied in a slow drawl, "No need to hurry, let's get back in first and we'll explain everything."

He turned and the rest of the Xi family followed. The only exception was Xinghe. She leveled an indifferent gaze at Lin Yun who still hadn't left.

Her face was as smelly as a pile of sh*t. She met Xinghe's gaze and scoffed, "You people were lucky this time but it won't be that way next time."

"Is that a promise?" Xinghe asked sarcastically.

Lin Yun harrumphed with condescension. "I wouldn't even need to lift a finger to make this dumb and useless family fall. You all will trip on your arrogance and stupidity, just you wait and see."

"The only thing I see is a dumb bimbo who refuses to leave," Xinghe said as she looked right at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was burning up from the insult. "Who do you think you are to dare talk to me like that" Xinghe shrugged and the Xi family didn't even turn to acknowledge her. This was the first time Lin Yun received such a slap to her face; she was close to blowing up.

"I swear the lot of you will regret crossing me!" Lin Yun hissed through clenched teeth before leaving. Xinghe looked at her back coldly. She eventually turned and saw Mubai's intense gaze on her.

Mubai then turned to look at Lin Yun's back before asking with concern, "What did she say to you?"

"Nothing but the usual." Mubai knew Xinghe was more than capable of standing up for herself so he wasn't worried. With a smile, he pulled her hand and said, "Come, let's go in. Grandfather and family are still waiting for our explanation."

"I" Xinghe wanted to tell him to leave her out of it. He could explain perfectly fine on his own. However, Mubai dragged her to the study against her will, where Grandfather Xi and the rest already sat waiting.

As both of them walked in, Grandfather Xi offered a rare smile. "Quick, take a seat and tell us what happened."

Mubai turned to Xinghe and said with a curved smile, "This is all thanks to Xinghe."

The revelation astonished everyone present. This was Xinghe's contribution?

"What did Xinghe do?" Mrs. Xi asked in obvious shock, "Didn't she just wake up?"

Her question was not unfounded because it was indeed hard to believe a recently recovered patient would solve their biggest problem. It was incredibly hard to believe.

Mubai explained, "It was Xinghe who figure out that our enemy would plant the stolen munitions at our pier to further frame us. We went to the pier last night and saw everything with our own eyes. The opponent manipulated the pier's surveillance but Xinghe managed to overwrite that and take down everything on video."