Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 355

Chapter 355 Conquered The Xi Family
Chapter 355: Conquered the Xi Family

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"We followed the trail to sniff out the traitor. In other words, if not for Xinghe's brilliance, we wouldn't have survived this ordeal."

As he finished, Mubai looked at Xinghe with pride. He was proud of her. Grandfather Xi and the rest widened their eyes in shock. They didn't expect that the one who helped them overcome the hurdle was Xinghe. Not only that, she did it so effortlessly.

The solution that eluded the whole Xi family came to her so easily; they were all worried for nothing. Especially Grandfather Xi who travelled to the capital to beg others for help! In the end, that wasn't even necessary

When they thought about it, Xinghe's solution wasn't that complicated. They were too caught up in the urgency of the situation to realize their enemy didn't plan to play with them step by step but planned to crush them in one fell swoop. Of course, they didn't expect someone would frame them so openly.

Mubai was right, if not for Xinghe, the Xi family would really be in hot water. Thinking back to how arrogant Feng Saohuang looked earlier, if Mubai had really been taken away, some 'accident' would've befallen him in custody. Without Munan and Mubai, the Xi family really would be over

Thankfully, Xinghe had the foresight to predict their enemy's movement and handily resolve the crisis. The way they regarded Xinghe had changed. Xinghe had already impressed them with the artificial limb and now she had completely won over them.

They were appreciative of her and even started to like her.

Grandfather Xi was never good with praises; he merely nodded and said, "Well done, exceptional job this time. Especially Xinghe, you've helped our Xi family a great deal this time."

Xinghe didn't show an ounce of smugness. She was calm as ever. "It was really nothing, just a random thought that came to me."

"Regardless, it is undeniable that you've been an instrumental help to our Xi family. Without you, Mubai and Munan would have been in serious trouble," Jiangnian offered with thanks.

Mrs. Xi smiled and said, "Indeed, Xinghe. This time, it is all thanks to you."

Xinghe was slightly taken aback by Mrs. Xi's gentle and kind smile but didn't comment on it. Mrs. Xi was ashamed. She was the one most prejudiced against Xinghe and had plotted against her many times. Now, she regretted her short-sightedness deeply. Finally, she realized the real gold digger was the one she'd liked, Chu Tianxin, and not Xinghe. Xinghe was not useless, she was an impressive woman that could stand tall on her own and deserved everyone's respect.

In conclusion, Xinghe used her capability to conquer the Xi family and received all of their approval. It went without saying that no one would object to her getting back together with Mubai anymore. In fact, they encouraged it.

"However, we might have Zhou Jiaming but can we really use him to get to the final culprit?" Jiangsan asked suddenly.

Mubai frowned. "That is unclear. I believe that Feng family will not be taken down so easily."