Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Your Mother Was Something Else
Chapter 357: Your Mother Was Something Else

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Mubai nodded back politely which surprised Chengwu. He'd thought Mubai was hard to please like most Young Masters, but he didn't seem like that

After they went inside the house, Mubai finally drove away. An onslaught of questions awaited Xinghe. She hadn't seen her uncle for a long time so she missed him a lot. Therefore, she answered all of his questions patiently.

After making sure she was indeed feeling better, Chengwu concluded happily, "It's wonderful that you're back. You have no idea how worried the whole family was. How could I face your father if something were to happen to you? You're his only daughter after all."

Out of the blue, Xinghe asked, "Uncle, do you know how my father and mother met?"

Chengwu smiled, reminiscing. "Your father told me about this before. When they met, we, the Xia family, hadn't made a name for ourselves yet. Your father was the manager of a small restaurant. One day, your mother appeared in front of your father's shop and sat there for one whole day. Your father realized she probably hadn't eaten because she had been sitting there all day. Out of concern, he invited her in and offered her a job in exchange for food and housing. That was how they met.

"However, not long after that, your mother left but about two or three years later, she suddenly reappeared again. She came to your father saying she would like to cooperate with him to open a hotel. She provided most of the capital and your father agreed after a short consideration.

"They eventually got together and gave birth to you. However, for who knows what reasons, your mother didn't seem to like your father. At the peak of their business, a few years after you were born, she asked for a divorce. In their settlement, the wealth was to be split half, and your father agreed after thinking it over for a few days.

"He told me, your mother didn't belong to him so he had been preparing for that. He knew the divorce was inevitable."

Xinghe was confused. "Father saw the divorce coming? But why?"

"No idea, I'm not very clear about the details of what happened between them. Your father didn't like to go into details but I know from spending time with her that your mother was someone incredibly unique. It was like she was some entity different from the rest of us."

Xinghe knew basically everything Chengwu told her. She'd thought she could get more information from him but it looked like it was useless. She continued chatting with her uncle for a few more minutes before retiring to her room. She hadn't slept the night before so she went out like a light the moment her head hit the pillow.

On the other side of city, someone was having trouble sleeping. Saohuang was informed that the Xi family's suspicion had completely been cleared.

He didn't expect that Mubai would find out about his plan beforehand and even manage to capture Zhou Jiaming.

Even though Jiaming wouldn't rat him out, the plan was undeniably an utter failure!

His plan was to crush the Xi family with one move and not give them any chance to recuperate. The plan had failed, revealing his plans to the Xi family meant it would be that much harder to come after the Xi family next time!

Saohuang was furious. He was also given punishment by his superior due to his insolence towards the Xi family.

Saohuang's face was drawn but he kept his anger in check until he got home. The moment he got home, he blew up like a pent-up volcano! Things went flying all over the place!