Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Sudden Visit
Chapter 358: Sudden Visit

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Under normal circumstances, Saohuang radiated an unapproachable aura. Now, in the height of his anger, he looked like a law enforcer from hell, no living soul dared to get close. Even the guards outside of the door didn't dare breathe lest they offend him. However, one of the guards eventually approached him with much hesitation. "Young Master, a young lady by the name of Lin Yun is here to see you."

Saohuang stopped in his rampage. "Lin Yun?"


Saohuang immediately cooled down and ordered coldly, "Clear this mess up and invite her in."


The guards were efficient because, when Lin Yun entered the living room, all the damage had been cleared away.

Saohuang took two steps forward and asked with a light smile, "To what I owe the honor of Miss Lin's visit? Your sudden arrival humbled me. You should have called me beforehand so that I can go pick you up."

Saohuang's deferential tone and natural good tone rubbed Lin Yun's ego the right way. It made her feel good.

Her lips curved into a smile. "Major Feng is being too kind, it's my honor to make your acquaintance. Everyone knows that Major Feng has already accomplished a lot at his young age; I'm honored that Major Feng is willing to make time for someone as insignificant as me."

Saohuang knew this was political talk. He clapped and offered more praise in return, "It is rare for someone of Miss Lin's stature to be so humble. I bend my knee to someone as impressive as Miss Lin."

Saohuang's flattery greatly improved Lin Yun's mood. She smiled with good manners. "Major Feng is too kind."

"If Miss Lin doesn't mind, please call me by name. Major Feng makes it sound like we're stangers."

"Then I shall call you Big Brother Feng." Contrary to Xinghe, Lin Yun knew how to play to man's ego.

As she expected, Saohuang broke into a wide grin. "Since you call me Big Brother, then I shall consider you family. Then I will directly ask, why would Miss Lin pay me such a sudden visit? If you don't mind, please join me on the sofa and we can discuss this slowly."

Lin Yun, with Saohuang's coaxing, eventually sat down beside him. She looked at Saohuang and asked cautiously, "Big Brother Feng, I hear that the Xi family has been completely cleared of suspicion. The person responsible for selling stolen military munitions has been captured?"

Saohuang narrowed his eyes slightly and went for the tact of praise. "Miss Lin is indeed an impressive woman to find that out so fast. Everything you said is correct."

"The Xi family sure was lucky to be able to solve this problem so fast."

"This should be all thanks to Lin Family's help, right? At the end of the day, it's the Lin family that's incredible. You were able to solve such a complicated case in such a short period of time," Saohuang said respectfully but he too was posing his own test. He wanted to know whether the Lin family was friend or foe.

Lin Yun's smile faded and said, "This has nothing to do with the Lin family. We did intend to help Xi Family after they came begging us for help but they blew that chance; you saw how they treated me this morning."

Saohuang also dropped his smile. "What they did indeed has crossed the line. No matter what, Miss Lin is an honored guest, so how could they treat you that way? But I'm sure there was a misunderstanding somewhere."

"What misunderstanding? It is obvious that the Xi family's arrogance prevented them from accepting other people's help. I've never seen a more ungrateful tribe of human beings," Lin Yun voiced her dissatisfaction at the Xi family openly.