Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Sis Welcome Home
Chapter 360: Sis, Welcome Home

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Of course, Saohuang wouldn't let such a good opportunity slip away.

He smiled, satisfied. "Then, I will gladly accept your proposal. Miss Lin, I hope we have a good experience working together."

Lin Yun replied with a gracious smile. "Let's shake on that."

At the same time, her eyes flashed with venom. Xi Mubai, this is all your fault for passing on the chance to work together with me. Don't blame me when I crush your entire family!

Xinghe took a long rest. When she woke up, it was already dark. She freshened up and went downstairs, only to find that the house was crowded.

Xia Zhi was home and Xiao Mo as well as Xiao Lin was there. Chengwu was the main chef while the rest helped around in the kitchen.

When Xia Zhi saw Xinghe, he immediately put down the plate in his hands and rushed over to her to give her a big bear hug. "Sis, welcome home! I'm so glad to see you!"

Xinghe was picked up and twirled in the air for a few times, she couldn't help but laugh.

"That's enough, quick put me down!" she screamed with a laugh.

"Yes, madam!" Xia Zhi set her down but retained his giddiness. "Sis, you're finally home. Are you feeling better? Is everything fine?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, everything's fine."

Xia Zhi ceased his excitement to look at her seriously. There were tears in his eyes. "Sis, you're finally home. This feels like a dream" He then choked on his own words.

"What's wrong?" Xinghe asked with concern.

Xia Zhi continued through his tears, "You have no idea how worried I was when you were unconscious. And then, after that, when you woke up, you were like another person. I'm so happy to finally see you like this. You've finally returned as that big sister that I love."

Xinghe felt tears pricking her eyes and comforted him, "I'm so sorry for making all of you worried. I promise you it'll not happen again."

"Definitely, Sis, you will live to a hundred years old and still be as healthy as a horse!"

"Miss Xia, congratulations on your recovery. I'm relieved to finally see you looking so well in person." Xiao Mo also joined in their conversation. It wasn't only Xia Zhi who cared about her condition, actually Xiao Mo cared about her as well.

Today, when Xia Zhi told him about her return, he followed Xia Zhi home.

Xinghe nodded with a light smile. "Sorry for putting so much pressure on you over these past few months and thank you for helping out with the company when I'm not around."

"As long as you're fine, everything's worth it," Xiao Mo said with a serious expression.

Xia Zhi became his wingman. "Sis, Brother Xiao has helped managed the company so well. Our profits are through the roof!"

"That is within my responsibility. Miss Xia, please don't worry because I will focus completely on managing the company." Xiao Mo assured her with confidence. He was forever in Xinghe's debt so he swore he'd help her as long as he lived.

Xinghe didn't really help him much, she'd only proposed a collaboration, and in return he repaid her with such loyalty. Xinghe was glad she had faith in him back then.

"Miss Xia, thank you." Suddenly Xiao Lin also walked over. She was still reserved and socially uncomfortable but it was clear that there was great appreciation in her eyes.

Xinghe was surprised. Doesn't Xiao Lin have a mental problem? She looks so normal now.

Xiao Mo seemed to have read her thoughts and explained, "Miss Xia, my sister's illness has gotten much better. She is still receiving treatment but at least now she can converse normally with other people. If not for you, the two of us will still be in that hovel. You have no idea how much you mean to us."

"Thank you so much" Xiao Lin moved forward to take Xinghe's hands and her eyes were glistening with tears. Other than thank you, she really didn't know what else to say.