Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 363

Chapter 363 The Boss
Chapter 363: The Boss

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His sister's world was once only big enough to encapsulate her family. Even though he was happy that the limit of her world had gotten bigger, he couldn't help but feel that she was being taken away. Mubai and Munan were obviously in love with his sister, albeit the nature of their love was wildly different. Xia Zhi couldn't say he was happy about this development.

He shoveled the rice in his mouth angrily and failed to realize there was another man at the table who was doing the same. Xiao Mo felt the same way that Xia Zhi did, but his anger was directed more at himself. He realized he was too insignificant to demand a space in her world.

Her world was too beautiful and many wanted to be a part of it. Alas, he was not to be one of those

After they entered her study, Munan turned serious and thanked her with much solemnity. "Big Sister Xia, you've practically saved my life this time; from now on, come to me should you need my help and I will commit to it no matter what!"

"I wasn't aiming to help you, I just wanted to take Feng Saohuang down a notch," Xinghe replied matter-of-factly.

"Regardless, it is undeniable that you've helped me greatly. I will remember that forever."

Xinghe didn't want to continue this line of conversation so she turned to Mubai, "So what is it that the two of you want to discuss?"

"Let's take a seat first," Mubai said gruffly. After that, Mubai said, "The culprit behind Zhou Jiaming has been revealed but it was not Feng Saohuang."

"Who was it then?" Xinghe was understandably confused.

"We are unclear about the person's identity as well. We only know this person is deeply related to an international military organization. This whole operation was the organization's order. The stolen munitions detained by Munan belong to them, so they ordered Jiaming to steal them back."

"So, it really had nothing to do with Feng Saohuang?" Xinghe queried. "I don't believe that."

Mubai continued, "Neither do I. However, according to Jiaming, there is a big boss operating this organization but he has no idea who that boss is, he never reveals himself and handles all he operation logistics from the dark. The boss' orders usually came to him through the faceless international organization. In other words, while the organization has many members, other than the boss, no one knows who the other agents are. They are very careful because every order came through the anonymity of the organization and not a single person. That way, even when an agent was captured, they wouldn't be able to reveal another agent's identity."

"So, could Feng Saohuang be the boss?" Xinghe guessed, "This operation's target was directly aimed at the Xi family; he stood to gain the most."

"I agree with you." Mubai nodded.

Munan said in a low voice, "Who could have thought Feng Saohuang would be involved in so many illegal activities? If we can find any evidence of this, it is definitely over for him!"

Xinghe said, "Sadly, we won't be able to get to him through Zhou Jiaming."

After all, the two of them hadn't physically met.

Mubai looked at Xinghe and said, "That's the reason I'm here today. I'm leaving the country for a while."

Xinghe's eyes shook slightly. "You want to personally go to investigate this organization?"

He should have known she would have guessed it. Mubai nodded. "Yes, this is the only way we can pin this on Feng Saohuang. Even if that boss is not Feng Saohuang, they are still targeting my Xi family, I need to smoke them out."

"Are you sure it's fine for you to go alone?" Xinghe asked, she couldn't keep the concern out of her voice.