Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Humiliation And Loss
Chapter 373: Humiliation and Loss!

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The ease with which Saohuang's platoon defeated them showcased their absolute failure. A failure of this scale was hard for anyone to accept.


At a time like this, a scuffed-up soldier rushed in. "Sir, our opponent has broken through our last line of defense, we're going down fast!"

"F*ck, I'll go kill them myself!" Yan Lu slammed on the table again as he picked up the drill-specific laser gun.

Munan stood in front of him and said seriously, "I'm coming with you, if we fail, we'll fail together!"

"Let's all go then!" Everyone picked up the laser guns, prepared to have a last stand with their opponent. This might be a drill, but they treated it with the severity a real combat deserved. They were overwhelmed by grief and indignation facing this imminent lost. However, even with Munan personally leading, their loss was inevitable.

They were merely delaying their inexorable defeat. Their strategies were broken through before the war even started. They were destined to lose. When everything was said and done, self-doubt cropped up in Munan's mind, but he quickly tossed that out of his mind. He was the commander. He was the only person that couldn't be affected by the defeatist attitude!

Plus, one loss didn't equate to total loss. The real drill was still several months away. However, from Saohuang's team perspective, their opponent had already lost.

"This is just a small drill, was it really necessary for Major Xi to enter the battle?" Saohuang sauntered towards Munan and commented with a nasty smirk. Compared to Munan, who had mud all over his uniform, Saohuang did not have a speck of dust on him.

Over the few days of the drill's duration, he'd led his team from behind. He didn't once participate in actual combat. A contrast was immediately made between the two. Munan was the obvious loser

Such a loss was an unmitigated humiliation.

However, Munan kept his cool, his gaze as sharp as ever. "What's wrong with entering the battle personally? It's my pride to fight alongside my brothers."

Saohuang sneered. "Indeed, one must find pride even in losses."

His words were dripping with sarcasm.

The commented irked Yan Lu. "Feng Saohuang, let's have a one-on-one if you dare! This defeat doesn't define our ability, one of our men could easily kill any of yours!"

Saohuang shot him a chilling gaze and scoffed. "Indeed, your people are very impressive, so impressive that my men barely used their full might to crush the whole lot of you. Do you know what my platoon's fatality rate is?"

Under Munan and his adjutant's saddened gaze, the words floated out of Saohuang's mouth. "Twenty percent."

The faces of Munan's group fell. Only twenty percent

While they had already suffered sixty percent loss and it was still climbing!

Such a stark contrast highlighted how severely they had been defeated. It was a one-sided slaughter. Facing such a startling statistic, Munan's group barely had the energy to summon a retort. The atmosphere lowered even more.

Saohuang patted Munan on his shoulder with a condescending smile and consoled him, "But don't let it get you down. This is a test drill, after all. Maybe next time you can turn the tables on us. Major Xi, good luck. At least give my men a challenge next time."