Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 377

Chapter 377 A Special Talent
Chapter 377: A Special Talent

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After Munan filled her in, Xinghe had roughly figured out the bulk of his problem.

"I can try," she said softly.

Munan was overjoyed. "Big sister Xia, if you can help us overcome this problem, name any reward that you want, and if possible, I will fulfill it!"

Xinghe shook her head. "By helping you, I'm helping myself, so I don't need any reward."

"Regardless, I'm forever in your debt."

"I've not done anything yet; you can save your appreciation for later."

"Okay!" Munan didn't waste time, he told her directly, "Big sister Xia, getting you into the military camp will be a bit troublesome. We have to go through some procedures first. Temporarily, you'll be joining my team as a special civilian agent."

"I don't mind either way."

Just like that, under Munan's arrangement, Xinghe entered the military as his platoon's special civilian agent.

For the past few days, Munan's platoon had been idling. Even though they had lost but they didn't consider the option of giving up. However, Saohuang's platoon had increased greatly in morale from their victory. They trained even harder, dragging the difference between the two platoons even farther. Furthermore, Saohuang's platoon had the better computer expert. Their training was a lot more efficient. This placed a huge psychological weight on Munan's men, causing a pervading sense of hopelessness among his troop.

Under such a condition, training was practically a waste of time. There was zero improvement. The fiery Yan Lu spent his days in a haze of anger. Even the comparatively mellow Gu Li was at his wits' end. The only one staying strong was Munan. He was the commander; he had to hold the fort no matter what.

One day, Munan arrived in the camp with the solution to their problem: he had them a computer expert of their own.

After Yan Lu and Gu Li heard the news, they were excited. They couldn't wait to find out who this expert was.

On the day Munan said he would bring the mysterious expert to the camp, his adjutants had been waiting at the office since early in the morning.

"I wonder, what kind of person this expert will be like? Since he comes with Boss' recommendation, I'm sure he is someone impressive," Yan Lu commented confidently.

Gu Li nodded smilingly. "I also believe in him."

They had been through a lot with Munan and he had never once let them down so they were in great anticipation about the talent whom Munan said he would bring.

Just as they were discussing excitedly among themselves, Munan entered the room with Xinghe behind him.

"The boss is here!" Yan Lu yelled happily when he saw Munan walked in. Everyone's gaze turned to Munan immediately before falling on Xinghe.

Everyone was confused. Why does boss bring with him a woman?

"Boss, where's the expert?" Yan Lu asked with confusion. He looked around but couldn't see the so-called expert.

Munan said with humor, "Are you blind? Here she is."

He motioned at Xinghe.

Yan Lu widened his eyes as he once again looked at Xinghe. "Her? She's the top expert you mentioned?"

Munan nodded even though he heard the disbelief in Yan Lu's words. "That's right. Come, let me make some introductions, this here is Miss Xia Xinghe. She is a computer science expert that I've spent a lot of effort in locating. So, please show some respect."

"No offense, boss, but you're kidding, right?" Yan Lu exclaimed, "Number one, she is a woman. Number two, she's so young. How can she be a top expert?"