Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 378

Chapter 378 A Woman
Chapter 378: A Woman?

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Disbelief was plainly written on everyone's faces. After all, Xinghe was indeed too young

There was a stereotype that experts were all wizened old men who got where they were with years of experience behind them.

Even Gu Li stepped forward to ask, "Boss, you're not kidding?"

Munan replied with a solemn expression, "Do I look like I'm kidding?" He certainly did not, but

"How can she be a computer expert?" Yan Lu groused unhappily, "Boss, you got lied to by certain people it seems."

"What nonsense!" Munan lectured him severely, "Do you guys not believe in me?"

"We do, but this is too unbelievable" Yan Lu grumbled.

"I'm sorry Miss Xia, if you don't mind me asking, which university did you graduate from?" Gu Li decided to give Xinghe the benefit of a doubt.

Xinghe replied insouciantly, "I was once an Academy S student but I dropped out."

Gu Li was impressed. "Academy S is a good school, not everyone can get in, but why did you drop out?"

"Personal problem." Xinghe's answer was rather unapproachable.

Gu Li thought Xinghe did have the temperament of an expert. "Then you majored in computer science as well?"


Yan Lu couldn't help but object, "A drop out majoring in mathematics, how does that have anything to do with computer science? Is this woman capable or not? We need the best of the best, not some rookie who only knows only to write some rudimentary programs!"

"That's right, Boss. You sure she can do this?"

The suspicion spread across the room quickly. Munan knew this was inevitable. If he didn't know Xinghe, he would've been suspicious as well. However, since she came with his big brother's recommendation, she must be incredibly good. Munan believed in Mubai's eye for talent unconditionally. However, it was a different story with his men.

"None of us believe her? Then, let us try her out! Gu Li, you can give her a test and find out for yourself," Munan said directly.

Gu Li accepted easily. "Alright, I don't mind learning a thing or two from Miss Xia."

"Please." Xinghe was as calm as ever, not a trace of nervousness or dissatisfied on her face.

Gu Li nodded somewhat approvingly, at least Xinghe appeared to be a sensible person.

Gu Li was the computer expert in Munan's platoon. Whether Xinghe was bluffing or not, he would know with a test. Everyone else was also interested to find out, they crowded the office, none of them willing to leave.

Yan Lu even made a bet out of the occasion, to see whether Xinghe would pass Gu Li's test.

Faced with the troop's suspicion, Xinghe kept her composure. She didn't feel the need to defend herself with words because actions spoke louder than words.

Gu Li, due to his compassion, gave her the task of hacking through a computer's password as her first test.

"Our computers here are fitted with the best security. If you can crack through them, it means that you've passed my first test." Gu Li informed here.

Xinghe nodded before working on the computers. The moment that happened, Gu Li was convinced Munan really wasn't lying. Xinghe's speed was not something achievable by a rookie. He was immensely surprised by the speed at which Xinghe cracked the password. Her fingers flew over the keyboard so fast that he had trouble following her motion

The code that appeared on screen kept on appearing that they had a hard time catching up!