Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Chapter 379: Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Yan Lu had no idea what was going on, but he was duly impressed by Xinghe's performance. "Gu Li, what is she doing so fast?"

"I have no clue either," someone in the crowd answered.

Yan Lu nodded. "Same, could it be that she's just typing nonsense?"

"Done." The moment she said that, Xinghe stopped and leaned back in the chair. Gu Li was dumbfounded because the computer had been successfully hacked!

Everyone widened their eyes in shock. They might not understand much about computers but they could still discern whether a computer was still locked or not, and the fact was Xinghe's was definitely not. The bigger issue was how long did she take?

The whole process had gone on for less than half a minute! She took less than half a minute to hack through the military's computer. Even Gu Li couldn't do that.

Munan was equally shocked, he had no idea his sister-in-law was that good! For some reason, he felt proud. He looked at his men as if saying, See, you people should have trusted me.

"What's the second test?" Xinghe asked Gu Li softly, pulling him out of his shock.

He asked with utter disbelief, "It was really you who hacked the computer?"

Xinghe didn't answer. Instead she rolled her eyes at his stupid question. Who else if not me? A ghost?

Gu Li also later realized how dumb he sounded. He coughed awkwardly and praised, "Miss Xia, I didn't expect you to be so good at this. You took so little time to overcome the first test."

"It's nothing, give me something harder," Xinghe said directly.

The crowd was silent. Truth be told, the room of men felt she was being a little bit too arrogant but they did doubt her first. This was their idea to begin with.

"Give her the hardest test!" Yan Lu yelled excitedly, "Gu Li, give her the hardest test you have, I want to see whether she can pass it or not!"

He wasn't making things difficult for Xinghe but was egged on by the hyped-up atmosphere in the room. Since Xinghe wanted something harder, they might as well give her their hardest test and have this settled once and for all!

Munan glared at Yan Lu a bit unsatisfactorily. Can this guy not be so easily swayed by the crowd's emotions, what if you make my sister-in-law lose face?

Then again, he knew this couldn't be helped. Xinghe wouldn't win them over without passing the most difficult test.

So many years ago, he had also challenged this group of men many times, and each time winning absolutely until they surrendered to his authority.

This group of men could only be won over by real talent. Xinghe understood that so she didn't object to be tested with the hardest task. Gu Li didn't hold back, he also wanted to find out how good Xinghe really was.

"Alright then, I will give you the hardest test there is!" Gu Li agreed and had someone get him a stack of information. "This here is the programming detail for a mini-sandbox software. If you can write it out by the end of the day, then you've passed the test."

The main reason Xinghe was there was to help create high-end software, so naturally, the test was to challenge her programming skill. The software Gu Li wanted from her was simple but it would normally require more than a day to finish.

If she could complete the task within the time limit, it proved that she was truly a genius at computer science. If not, she would have to leave. In the military, actions spoke far louder than words. Incapable people would be cut off, it was the natural way of things.

Therefore, her eventual fate of staying or not depended completely on Xinghe herself.