Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 380

Chapter 380 10 Rmb In Favor Of Xinghe
Chapter 380: 10 RMB in Favor of Xinghe

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"So, the time limit is nightfall?" Xinghe asked.

Gu Li thought about it and realized that might be a little harsh so he decided to be a little lenient. "As long as it's before dawn tomorrow, then it'll count as a win for you."

"Alright, no problem." Xinghe nodded slightly.

"Then I shall leave you be, come and get me when you're done," Gu Li said. Xinghe nodded and the men filed out of the room. They needed to catch up to Saohuang's platoon and they had wasted a lot of time with Xinghe, so they had to hurry back to work. However, when they left the office, a crowd started to form just outside.

"Hey, do you guys think that woman can accomplish the task or not?" Yan Lu asked in his boisterous voice.

Gu Li hesitated. "I'm not sure but it is undeniable that she is rather talented."

"Come come come, the bet continues, this time to see whether she can pass this test or not. Same old rules, 10 RMB wager, cash only, no credit and no debt."

An adjutant chided him immediately, "You have the face to say that? You lost the earlier bet, where's the money?"

Yan Lu glared at him shamelessly. "How did I lose? The bet is on whether she can pass the test or not, the test is not yet over!"

"Your bet was on whether she can pass the first test or not and she did. Out with the money."

The few adjutants ganged up on Yan Lu. Even though they suspected Xinghe's capability, but they betted in her favor mostly out of deference to Munan. This was an unexpected windfall.

Most of the time, they would lose whenever they wagered against Yan Lu so earning this win felt immensely good! Yan Lu who had to hand over his money was in a bad mood. Even though his losses were small, the fact that he had lost irked him to no end!

"Never mind, I will get this money back! Come, the bet is still open. I'm also betting against her this time!" Yan Lu said confidently.

The few adjutants looked at one another and stood across from him in agreement. "Then, we will bet in her favor."

"Then, be prepared to lose!" Yan Lu laughed happily, thinking this group of people was too nave. How could it be possible for Xinghe to pass such a difficult test?

Yan Lu looked at Gu Li who hadn't placed his bet. "Brother, now don't say that I don't look out for you. Bet alongside me and after we win, we'll go for a drink."

Gu Li looked at him and hesitated. "I think I will bet that she'll win. Enjoy the drink if you win."

"Eh, you too? I can understand these people because they don't understand computers but you should know how impossible this task is."

Gu Li smiled. "Of course I know how hard it is, but I have confidence in Miss Xia. Call it a vote of confidence."

"Well, looks like we have a group of saints on our hands. Fine, I'll go alone after I win, don't think I'll invite anyone of you!" Yan Lu claimed gloatingly. However, he couldn't have predicted he would be the only one left out

Munan stayed even though the room had cleared out.

He asked Xinghe with concern. "Big Sister Xia, can you finish this before tomorrow? Is it too hard?"

Xinghe flipped through the stack of document with absolute focus. "Should be fine."

Munan sighed in relief after hearing her answer. "Then, it's good. I will have some men positioned outside the office. Tell them if you need anything. I'll be back later."

"Okay." Xinghe nodded. Munan left soon after, he didn't want to disturb her. His plan was to approach Gu Li for an extension of time limit if Xinghe couldn't complete the software before tomorrow. After all, this was his ex-sister-in-law, he didn't mind bending the rules a bit for her.

Little did he know, Xinghe came with the news that she had completed the program after only three hours!