Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Giving Her So Much Preferential Treatment
Chapter 382: Giving Her So Much Preferential Treatment

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Gu Li couldn't understand. "What do you mean by that?"

"I'm Xi Mubai's ex-wife." Xinghe used a single sentence to explain everything. Gu Li was shocked to find that out! In that case, the relationship was indeed complicated

Gu Li cleverly avoided pressing and changed the subject. Very soon, they reached the tech department. The military compound was huge, the tech department alone took up an entire building. Everyone in the department was wearing military fatigues. Everyone was an expert that survived layers of elimination.

In other words, the people that worked there were the best of the best. Therefore, the members of the tech department were more than a little arrogant but still maintained a good overall discipline.

The special unit that oversaw the combat software was located on the top floor. Gu Li led Xinghe into the lab and the workers within immediately looked their way. They were curious as to who this woman was.

"Everyone, stop your work for a moment, I would like to make a simple introduction," Gu Li began in a serious tone. "This will be the expert that will be joining our group, Miss Xia Xinghe. She will be joining as my second-in-command so whenever I'm not around, you will have to listen to her orders? Understand?"

"Second-in-command?" someone exclaimed in shock.

This woman that came out of nowhere will be lording over us? Is she even capable enough

Even Xinghe herself was shocked by this announcement, she didn't expect Gu Li to give her such a privilege. He trusts me so much?

Gu Li trusted her not only because of her ability but also her identity. Since Munan called her Big Sister Xia, she deserved all the respect he could give her.

"That's right, second-in-command! This is an order, understand?" Gu Li asked authoritatively.

"Yes, sir!" everyone answered, but Xinghe could see that none of them were satisfied with this arrangement. They couldn't object because it was a military order.

Gu Li understood this as well, so he added, "Don't be suspicious of Miss Xia's ability, she comes with my and Major Xi's personal recommendations, if anything, she might be better than all of you here."

After that explanation, most of the crowd started to have a little more faith in Xinghe, or at least, their dissatisfaction wasn't as obvious as before

"Alright then, get back to work. Remember from now on, Miss Xia will be your colleague."

"Yes, sir!" The group of people returned to work.

Finally, Gu Li turned to Xinghe, "There are a few empty seats around here, pick anyone you like."

Xinghe asked, "Is there an individual lab?"

Gu Li was taken aback before nodding. "There is a central control room. Why, you prefer to be alone?"

"Yes, I don't like to be disturbed when I'm working."

Gu Li thought about it before agreeing. "Alright, you can work at the central control room. Come, I'll show you there."

"Thank you," Xinghe said with sincerity. She knew Gu Li was showing her a lot of faith or he wouldn't have given her so much preferential treatment.

Gu Li smiled. "No need to thank me. Your contribution to our platoon will be bigger so it should be us that's thanking you."

This was because if Xinghe could help them defeat their opponent, their future would be bright.

After Gu Li led Xinghe away, the people in the lab started discussing among themselves.