Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 384

Chapter 384 A Woman
Chapter 384: A Woman?

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Shu Mei couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day, obsessing about the reason why Saohuang asked her out. Could it be that he is interested in me?

The thought alone was enough to excite her for the whole day. She spent the whole night readying herself for the next day's date. Almost everyone was working overtime at the time but Shu Mei still found a reason to skip work.

Saohuang asked her to meet him at a secluded restaurant. Shu Mei arrived early and Saohuang was a few minutes later than her.

Saohuang was wearing a black, high-end suit. A simple get-up but it highlighted his natural elegance, his presence not less than an actual prince. His arrival seemed to breathe life into the simple restaurant.

Shu Mei's gaze couldn't leave Saohuang. Her face was as red as a ripe apple, the admiration in her eyes couldn't be suppressed.

"Major Feng, long time no see." Shu Mei quickly stood up to greet him.

Saohuang smirked. "Don't need to be so formal, please sit."

"Thank you," Shu Mei responded politely.

The duo sat across each other. Shu Mei proffered a bright smile and commented wistfully, "I wasn't expecting Major Feng to invite me out so suddenly. I thought we wouldn't cross paths again."

"Why would you think that? We are still colleagues, I'm sure fate has its way of straightening things out," Saohuang said with a smile, his deep dark eyes gazing at Shu Mei.

It made Shu Mei's heart pound violently. Naturally, Shu Mei misunderstood Saohuang's meaning. She really thought she and Saohuang would have a future together. She was led into Saohuang's trap easily.

"How's work been lately?" Saohuang asked with concern.

"Not bad but you must be very busy," Shu Mei observed shyly.

Saohuang nodded and added purposely, "It's quite busy. By the way, we are competitors at the moment, is it okay for me to ask you out like this?"

"No problem! Of course, it is not a problem!" Shu Mei said in a hurry, "Even though we are competing now, but like you said, we're colleagues. Plus, this is a well-meaning competition so I'm sure this is fine."

"Well said, I like your eloquence," Saohuang praised, causing Shu Mei's face to burn even redder.

He he said he likes me!

She almost jumped out of her seat from sheer excitement. "Major, this was really a good idea, I'm glad you thought of it"

"Me too. But I realize you've gotten thinner, too much work? I'm sure your department must be extremely busy," Saohuang said with a smile.

"It is quite hectic now but your tech department is obviously better, what I wouldn't give to work for you," Shu Mei commented half-jokingly.

"I'm sure there's a chance for that in the future. By the way, I heard your department had a new person that just joined, what's his name?" Saohuang came out and asked.

Shu Mei wasn't at all alarmed, even if she was, she probably would have given Saohuang the information willingly.

However, the mention of Xinghe did turn her smile into a frown.

"There is a new person that joined us but it's a she, not a he. She's extremely young but she was promoted to be the leader's second-in-command on her first day. Of course, none of us are willing to buy it."

Saohuang raised his tea cup slightly and said curiously, "Is that so? What's her name then?"

"Xia Xinghe!"