Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 385

Chapter 385 So Its Her
Chapter 385: So It's Her

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Saohuang's tea cup stopped suddenly in mid-air. "Who?"

Shu Mei didn't catch his reaction and said with condescension, "Some woman by the name of Xia Xinghe, who knows which hole she crawled out from."

Shu Mei didn't know Xinghe but Saohuang certainly did. Isn't she Xi Mubai's ex-wife? The woman that was there during my showdown with the Xi family? The woman whose gaze was eerily familiar?

Saohuang's lips curved into a smirk. Looks like she has some talent if Xi Munan went to her for help.

He could still remember the recorded video that was supposed to be deleted. That was probably that woman's doing as well.

Saohuang knew where the direction of his investigation would go next. With the information he sought already procured, Saohuang lost all interest in Shu Mei.

He looked at his watch and said nonchalantly, "I forgot I have something else to do. I have to go but enjoy the meal, it's on me."

Shu Mei was disappointed. "But you haven't even had a bite yet"

"Having the opportunity to see you is more than enough, I'll see you again," Saohuang replied with a charming smile. Shu Mei was drawn into his handsome features and her face started burning again. She didn't even realize his smile didn't reach his eyes.

He stood up to straighten his suit. He walked before turning back to say, "By the way, I think I know that Xia Xinghe. She was once the Xi family's eldest daughter-in-law, so watch out."

With that, Saohuang left with wide strides, leaving behind Shu Mei all alone nursing her complicated thoughts.

Xinghe spent only a day familiarizing herself with the mission. Creating programs was not difficult, the difficult part came from creating one in a short period of time. The training of the troops changed every day. Changing of the training style would ensure a speedy improvement. Plus, most of the training was about teamwork.

This could be aided with some simulation software which the soldiers could refer to and learn from. It would help increase the efficacy during actual training.

Saohuang's platoon won on the fact that their software was written faster. Munan's team was already quite fast, but Saohuang's team always seemed to be one or two days faster than them.

If viewed in isolation, the one or two days might be miniscule but the accumulated effect would be disastrous, which was why Munan was so agitated. Their tech team was already very good but no matter how good they did, they would be lagging behind Saohuang's team.

Therefore, he asked Xinghe for her help, hopefully to increase productivity. Xinghe was a fast worker. After she familiarized herself with the job scope, she separated the team into groups and delegated them their own tasks. Cooperation was key.

The tech team was actually in groups before Xinghe arrived so what Xinghe actually ended up doing was rearranging the people around based on their strengths and weaknesses.

One of the task forces was responsible for writing codes. It used to have five people, including Shu Mei who was the time leader. However, Xinghe had moved one away, leaving them with four.

Other than that, Xinghe also ordered, "This part of the code, I want them ready before the day after tomorrow. Remember, I need them on my table before midnight tomorrow."

Shu Mei was stunned. "Meaning before tomorrow night?"

Xinghe nodded.

Shu Mei commented with a laugh, "Miss Xia, I think your arrangement is a bit illogical."

"How is it illogical?" Xinghe asked her in return. She didn't mind other people pitching in because they might spot a mistake she hadn't.