Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 388

Chapter 388 I Will Bear Responsibility
Chapter 388: I Will Bear Responsibility

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"Told you we wouldn't be able to finish it."

"Where is that Xia Xinghe? Tell her to come and look at this herself. How can we possibly finish a mission so demanding?"

The moment this complaint was voiced, Xinghe suddenly walked out of the main control room. The more senior technicians quickly stormed forward to berate her.

"Miss Xia, just take a look for yourself. Every one of us has tried our best but we simply couldn't finish the task. Your arrangement was wrong, pure and simple. This will only lower our morale!"

"It's not that we don't want to cooperate with you, because we all did, but almost none of us have finished the work."

"That's why I said those that you didn't know our work and shouldn't come and pretend to be a leader," Shu Mei added sarcastically.

Everyone was pissed. It was one thing if the mission was a success but being forced into a failure ruffled quite a few feathers. If not for Xinghe's unique background, they would have lampooned her even harder.

These people were not dumb. They might look down on Xinghe but they wouldn't dare to really cross her. Furthermore, they were in the military and Xinghe was at a higher rank than them.

Xinghe listened to their complaints quietly and nodded. "No matter whether you've finished the work or not, send me all your copies. I'll be arranging tomorrow's mission."

Xinghe passed the assistant that Gu Li assigned her a stack of documents. "Pass this around."

"Yes." The assistant moved to oblige. The room was stunned watching this unfold.

"Miss Xia, we've not done the things on our hands and you're already giving us new assignments?"

"What are you planning to do? This is the military not some outside company, not some place where you do anything you want!"

"You have no idea how the military operates! How can you do things so willy-nilly?"

"Where's Leader Gu, let him come and see how this person operates his team! This is a bloody mess!"

Finally, the room exploded. Xinghe's arrangements were too chaotic. How could she assign them another assignment when the current one hadn't been completed?

"Miss Xia, don't tell me you want us to work overnight to complete these and then give us another set of assignments tomorrow?" Shu Mei asked pointedly. Her condescension was palpable.

Xinghe answered softly, "Give me all the copies and you all can call it a day. You can continue the work tomorrow, if there's any issues, I alone shall bear all the responsibility!"

"How exactly do you plan to do that?"

"You are not a real military person, you're just a civilian agent, how do you expect to bear the consequences?" Someone complained unsatisfactorily.

Before Xinghe could answer, Munan's low voice suddenly appeared in the room.

"Then I shall bear the consequences, is that enough?"

The crowd was shocked as they turned to look at him!

Munan was in full army uniform, he looked sharp and handsome. Behind him were Gu Li and Yan Li.

The more senior technicians immediately crowded around them, "Major Xi, this Miss Xia doesn't even know how to operate a computer, look at her"

Munan raised his hand to stop them.

"I know."

"If you know, then why would you allow her to create such chaos? This is the military, not children's playground?"

"Since you know this is the military, why are you people openly defying your orders" Munan demanded with authority. It silenced the room.

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