Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Thats The Truth
Chapter 391: That's the Truth

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"Foolish?" the room exclaimed in shock.

Shu Mei couldn't help but laugh. "You're the one being foolish, contesting the truth behind your report."

"So, you're one who made the report." Xinghe stared straight at Shu Mei.

Shu Mei was shocked but flared up instantly. "Preposterous accusation!"

"If you say so." Xinghe nodded. "Then again, no matter who that person is, I find their actions not only foolish but also laughable."

"I think your defense is the laughable one," a technician argued back. "If it's so laughable, show us why is it that you think that"

"Alright, I'd be glad to show all of you that." Xinghe turned and walked back into the main control room. They were curious about what she was up to.

To their surprise, the big screen in the middle of lab suddenly lit up. It was a realistic simulation of combat scenes

The crowd stared at the screen with bulging eyes! Is isn't this the simulation we couldn't finish yesterday? Why is it finished all of a sudden?

Furthermore, the simulation was flawless. It was as if the battle scenes simulated really happened. However, they really didn't finish the simulation yesterday!

The technicians weren't dummies, they understood what had happened.

Shu Mei mumbled in disbelief, "Impossible"

"Miss Xia, you did this" Yan Lu's loud voice rang through the stunned crowd.

Xinghe, who'd just walked out of the room, nodded slightly. "I finished the remaining parts yesterday."

"Impossible!" Shu Mei was the first to object, "How could you have possibly finished everything in one night? There were too many loose ends. So many of us couldn't finish it, much less you alone!"

"Sister Shu has a point."

The crowd shared her suspicion. The feat was indeed impossible. They all suspected that Xinghe had cheated somehow. The truth was literally right in front of their eyes but they still couldn't believe it!

Xinghe looked at them and commanded, "How is it impossible? I picked up the rest of your slack and that is the truth. The evidence is right in front of you, what is there to be suspicious about?"

"But we thought you didn't know anything" Some people still couldn't buy it.

"I don't believe your own ability is better than all of us combined!" That was the crux of their disbelief. They couldn't accept that a single person could be better than their whole team and that person was even a woman!

Such a genius was inhumane. If there were such an individual, shouldn't they be world renowned already? They hadn't heard of Xinghe before.

Furthermore, no one saw with their own eyes that it was Xinghe who designed the simulation so they simply wouldn't believe it no matter what.

Xinghe didn't deign to explain herself. "It's your business whether you believe it or not, it doesn't concern me, but that is the truth!"

"We demand to see the surveillance video!" Shu Mei said suddenly, "Then we will know for sure."

"Knock yourself out," Xinghe replied without blinking an eye. She turned to the Internal Affairs officers and said, "Don't you need me for the investigation, let's go."

The officers were at a loss. They had no idea whether Xinghe was still worth investigating or not.

"Isn't her ability plain to see? This investigation is a waste of time," Yan Lu concluded excitedly.

Yan Lu, Munan, and Gu Li's eyes that looked at Xinghe were all filled with exhilaration.