Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Most Intelligent Woman
Chapter 393: Most Intelligent Woman

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It still bothered her internally but she definitely couldn't let it show anymore. She could only stand there quietly, watching everyone praise Xinghe.

Yan Lu berated everyone half-jokingly, "Didn't I tell all of you to trust in our Major? How could the agent he personally invited be someone awful? You guys should have waited before reporting Miss Xia. You see, now, isn't this awkward?"

"Adjutant Yan, you're right. I'm sure the person who made the report is kicking themself as we speak, I'm sure that no one will dare to report Miss Xia in the future."

"That's right, we will fight them to the death if anyone dares to do that!"

Everyone had done wrong by Xinghe this time but if anyone dared to go after Xinghe in the future, they would not take it lying down. That was how it was in the military. After you won them over, and became part of the group, they would have your back from then on.

Yan Lu guffawed listening to everyone's responses. "Now this is more like it. Treat Miss Xia with more respect in the future. Like the rest of you, she is our hope and pride!"

"That's right!" Munan nodded with a bright smile. "If every one of us works together, I'm sure victory will be within our grasp!"

"For sure!" everyone replied in unison. The merriment was at an all-time high. They even asked the Internal Affairs officers to drop the investigation. They all believed in Xinghe's ability, she deserved the second-in-command position. Everything from before was a misunderstanding, they trusted her fully now.

The officers were also there when everything unfolded so they also believed Xinghe but the bureaucratic process had to be done.

Xinghe and Munan cooperated, they followed the officers to do some paperwork and were quickly released.

Along the way, Munan couldn't stop smiling. "Big Sister Xia, that was unbelievable. No wonder big brother has such deep trust in you; you're like our savior.

"With you on our side, I can already see the Fengs' faces turning sour from losing. Big Brother should have called for you earlier, but it's better to be late than never, please help take care of us from now on."

Xinghe looked at him and said softly, "Actually, this couldn't be done with my efforts alone. Your biggest asset will be the tech team, only by increasing their willingness to work and learn will success be within reach."

Munan understood what she meant. He kept his smile and commented admiringly, "Is that why you did those things?"

Purposely force them with an impossible task, causing them to riot and then use actual talent and ability to win over them. This way, the tech team would realize how long they had been coasting and would work harder.

Xinghe nodded slightly.

Munan stared at Xinghe like she was some international starlet. "Big Sister Xia, you're the most intelligent woman I've ever met. No wonder Big Brother is still so hung over you until now. You are the only woman he has ever fallen in love with and you have taken up the entirety of his heart."

Even at a time like this, Munan didn't forget to help slip in a few good words for Mubai.

Xinghe's eyes had a strange glint in them. "I'm going to rest for now. You guys can carry on with the next phase of your training; the next software will be ready soon."

"Alright, thank you for everything. Leave the rest to me."

Xinghe nodded to bid farewell. The moment she did, Munan rushed to the office to call Mubai to update him on the situation.