Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 394

Chapter 394 Ive Missed You
Chapter 394: I've Missed You

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He dropped his commanding, military presence when talking to Mubai, it was as if he was a kid again.

"Big Brother, Big Sister Xia really is something else. I like her so much. How do you think she can be so clever? No wonder my little cousin is a little genius as well. I'm so impressed, she's like my goddess." Munan sighed as the words poured out of his mouth.

Mubai frowned on the other end of the phone, feeling like his treasured secret had been found out.

"No matter how good Xinghe is, it has nothing to do with you; you don't need to get so excited," He warned Munan, which was something he didn't do often. Munan didn't take the hint, and continued matter-of-factly, "How can it not has anything to do with me? She's my Big Sister Xia."

"Be that as it may, she is still going to be your sister-in-law. A little respect may be nice."

"Big Brother, are you getting jealous of me" Munan added with a wicked smile but he quickly assured him, "Big Brother, don't you worry, I have nothing but respect for Big Sister Xia. However, I have to say that you've gotta work harder because it doesn't seem like she is into you very much."

That struck a nerve. Mubai replied coldly, "That has even less to do with you; mind your own business."

"Fine, fine. By the way, Big Brother, when will you be coming home?"

"Not sure, probably a little while longer. I will return as soon as possible after I wrap things up here."

"Big Brother, thank you. I will also work extra hard to not bring shame to our Xi family name."

"Okay, that's all then. I'm hanging up." Mubai hung up crisply because he couldn't wait to call Xinghe. After a bath, Xinghe received the call from Mubai.

"Hello." She picked up the phone and had a pretty good guess as to what the call was about.

As she expected, Mubai said solemnly, "I've heard everything from Munan. Thank you and sorry for putting you through all that."

"It's nothing, I'm used to it."

She didn't like to explain herself and didn't care about anyone else's opinion of her because she believed that, at the end of the day, actions spoke louder than words. Therefore, she wasn't affected by people's suspicions or words because she knew she would prove herself right in the end and the one being shamed would not be her. She had confidence in herself and didn't feel the need to bend over backwards to please others.

Mubai loved this about her. He smiled. "Maybe I should call the people that came up against you and apologize instead for sending you their way."

"Is that everything you wanted to talk about?" Xinghe asked.

Mubai's lips curved into a smile. "Of course not, I have something important to tell you."

"What?" Xinghe thought he was going to say something important, so she focused all her attention to listen.

On the other end of the phone came Mubai's intimate declaration, "I miss you."

Xinghe was taken aback...

Before she could react, Mubai said, "I will return as soon as possible. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest."

After that, he hung up the phone. Xinghe looked at the phone and thought about the supposed important thing he needed to tell her. So, he missed her...

Xinghe lay down on the bed but she didn't feel drowsiness because her mind was a hive of activities. Now she realized that her mind, and perhaps even her heart, had started to react to Mubai's words. Maybe he had really succeeded in wearing her defenses down...


Things at the tech team went as Xinghe had planned.