Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Xinghe Is Too Famous
Chapter 395: Xinghe Is Too Famous

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As according to her plan, there was a new flare to the work of the tech team. They recognized their shortcomings and pushed themselves to overcome them. Previously, they'd taken their jobs as simple occupations, there was a lack of interest for discovery, but now they treated it as a learning experience...

With Xinghe's guidance, they became much more invested in their work. Under such circumstances, increased productivity and improvement was only natural. This worked wonders on the whole platoon because Munan's team progress started to catch up and then overshoot Saohuang's.

His men, excited by this development, increased in morale and improved in training efficiency. There was a vibrant energy throughout the camp. They wished each day was more than 24 hours. They appreciated every minute and every second of their work. This kind of positive zeal was absent before Xinghe's arrival.

Munan couldn't have foreseen this chain of events brought upon by Xinghe. Yan Lu spent his days laughing. Whenever he had time, he would drop by the tech team's room and praise Xinghe. She was the star of the camp. Everyone couldn't wait to help her. Even Xinghe's food had gotten much better, a contribution from the kitchen crew who tried their best to please Xinghe's palette by changing up the menu every day.

Such preferential treatment was because she was not an official soldier, she was a special civilian agent. They were in her debt. Furthermore, she was not undeserving; she'd earned all the preferential treatment they lavished her with. If anything, some felt the treatment was not enough.

As time passed, the people realized Xinghe was not a bad person despite her icy exterior. There was no pretense with her, and she treated everyone fairly. However, the thing that impressed the tech team the most was her willingness to teach others. Therefore, the tech team was soaking up her knowledge every day like a hungry sponge!

Through Xinghe, they had learnt better programming techniques and short cuts. Xinghe had practically opened up a new world for them. Even Gu Li spent his days by her side, trying to learn as much as he could from her. He even denied Yan Lu's invitation for beer! Gu Li didn't have time to play with them because he needed to savor the time to learn from Xinghe.


Of course, the giant change in Munan's team didn't escape Saohuang's detection. He didn't even have to rely on some covert operation to find out what had happened. This was because Xinghe was simply too popular. Everyone knew Munan had brought in an impossible talent.

This surprised Saohuang. No wonder the Xi family kept her around; she is that good.

Sun Yu said snidely, "She is still so young and, from the information we have, she didn't even finish school, how can she be so good? This must be a mistake, they're playing a trick on us."

Saohuang glanced sideways at him. "If you continue to be so stubborn, we'll be dead before we know what hit us!"

Sun Yu was shocked. "Boss, you believe this? But if the woman is so powerful, how come I've not heard of her before?"

"Because she suffered from amnesia for many years." Saohuang seemed to have understood everything.