Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Feng Saohuang Is Coming
Chapter 396: Feng Saohuang Is Coming

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"From the information, she should have regained her memory half a year ago, just look at what she has done ever since then."

Sun Yu read through the document and saw Xinghe's accomplishments: Defeated Chui Corps, opened her own company, designed the perfect artificial limb. Even the Chu family's ruin was related to her in some way. Every single one of those things was magnificent and she managed to do all of them in quick succession. Sun Yu might not know Xinghe but he begrudgingly admitted she was not a simple character, or at least, a character they needed to watch out for.

Sun Yu lowered his voice and asked, "Boss, do you want us to take care of her?"

Saohuang replied coldly, "Why do you think she's living in the military camp?"

"She's guarding herself against us?"

"If she isn't, Munan certainly is. However, it's still too early to tell whether this woman is a threat to us or not. I think it's time for us to find out."

"Let me do it, I'll see just how strong this woman is!" Sun Yu said with derision. Xinghe might be good but he still thought she wouldn't be as good as he was. His skill had almost no competition in the whole wide world. Plus, this was just a woman, not someone he should be worried about.

Saohuang also wanted to test Xinghe. He immediately arranged some men because he was going to pay Munan's camp a visit.


Very soon, Munan's side received the news.

"Feng Saohuang is coming over," Munan told his adjutants.

Yan Lu widened his eyes in fury. "Why"

On the surface, this was a friendly competition but they knew it was really a battle to the death. Therefore, no one was going to welcome Saohuang, so why did he insist on coming?

Munan chuckled mirthlessly. "Naturally, because he's worried. He's apparently bringing his men over to communicate with our tech team."

"So, he's trying to test Miss Xia out," a clever adjutant suggested.

Munan nodded. "I think so too."

After all, their progress had increased a lot with Xinghe's arrival. Saohuang must have heard as much.

Yan Lu slammed his fist on the table and said, "Let them come! We'll let them have a taste of our power; we'll let them know we're not pushovers!"

Munan said calmly, "Let's discuss what we shall do more closely. Be on your toes when they're here tomorrow."

"Yes, sir!"

After the meeting, Munan went to discuss the things over with Xinghe. He wanted to get Xinghe's opinion as well. Perhaps she would have a different perspective.

After hearing him out, instead of answering, Xinghe asked, "Will Feng Saohuang suggest another supposedly friendly competition?"

Munan nodded. "Possibly, even if he doesn't, I will. There's limited time to the actual competition, we have to keep challenging the other party so that we can make our adjustments accordingly."

Like last time, if Saohuang didn't challenge them, Munan wouldn't have known they were lagging so far behind.

With the first competition out of the way, both parties were definitely more cautious.

This time, their tech team appeared to be better than Saohuang's. Based on Saohuang's personality, he wouldn't sit idly and let this continue.

Xinghe nodded. She understood everything already.

"In other words, the next competition is inevitable."

Munan shook his head. "That's not exactly right, Big Sister Xia. The subsequent competitions are inevitable. There will be more than one."