Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Magical Hands
Chapter 400: Magical Hands

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Their speed was almost equally fast. The competition was just beginning but Sun Yu started to feel pressured. He didn't expect Xinghe would be able to type so fast

Typing speed was a manifestation of ability as well. Pricked by pressure, Sun Yu kept on increasing his speed until eventually people couldn't see his fingers anymore.

However, Xinghe quickly caught up to him. He increased his speed again and Xinghe did the same!

No matter how fast Sun Yu made himself, Xinghe could catch up in an instant. Others might not be able to pick up the minute difference, but Gu Li and Sun Yu himself could.

Under such a stressful, competitive environment, Xinghe had the ease of mind to pick up Sun Yu's change in speed and also made her own adjustments easily. This spoke volume of her talent!

This stressed Sun Yu quite a bit, he kept increasing in speed but he was already at his limits, he felt his fingers straining. However, this didn't matter because he couldn't lose, he already knew how to hack the military's defense system.

This was a test to which he already knew the answer. He didn't even need to think to figure out the answer, he only needed to regurgitate the answer he'd memorized earlier. How could he lose with such advantage? Not even a genius could beat him!

Sun Yu was confident and excited, excited to see Xinghe lose horribly to him. However, he quickly realized Xinghe's speed had surpassed his. Sun Yu's heart shook a tiny bit but that surprise and fear kept growing because Xinghe's speed kept increasing, the distance between them growing wider and wider.

Every time he thought she was at her limit, she would surprise him. Her speed was already at a superhuman level!

This observation was noticed not only by Gu Li and Sun Yu but also everyone else. Everyone stared unblinkingly at Xinghe's hands. Her pair of hands seemed to dance nimbly on the cold unfeeling keyboards. As if possessing magic, her pair of hands drew everyone's gaze in and refused to let them go. Just what kind of hands were those that they could be so fast

Munan's group gripped their hands tightly, silently cheering Xinghe on. Saohuang's group though were drawn and reserved. Saohuang looked at Sun Yu and realized the man was starting to sweat. Xinghe's presence was so huge that it was starting to pressure Sun Yu.

Others might not know Sun Yu's capability but Saohuang certainly did. He was definitely one of the best computer experts in the world. Furthermore, he had hacked the military's security before. Even with such advantages, he still felt threatened by Xinghe. Therefore, it showed that this Xia Xinghe's capability was even greater than they had anticipated!

Saohuang also gripped his fists tightly, his eyes were as dark as black holes. They were eerily scary. He was not a fool. He already knew Xinghe's ability was definitely above Sun Yu.

The only thing he could hope for was for Sun Yu to win as soon as possible. After all, he'd already done this before

Xinghe, no matter how good she was, still needed to explore. However, they didn't understand Xinghe actually hadn't spent any time on trial and error. It was smooth sailing for her all the way.

Sun Yu couldn't afford to bring himself away from his work to check. Only Gu Li realized this, his fists were gripped even tighter and there were tears in his eyes!