Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 401

Chapter 401 At Least Better Than The Worlds Third
Chapter 401: At Least Better than the Worlds Third

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His body was shaking uncontrollably

This strange reaction of his brought about curious looks from Munan's group. They were also excited but why was his excitement on a different level than theirs?

"Yes! Good! Perfect, well done, exceptional job!" Gu Li screamed excitedly, scaring everyone present. Sun Yu almost jumped out of his seat, in that instant, his heart was swallowed by anxiety.

The next second, Xinghe stopped her hands and announced like a queen, "KO!"

The crowd was stunned. Sun Yu was the first to turn towards Xinghe with bulging eyes, he saw that Xinghe had actually hacked through the system. His eyes were as big as they could be. He couldn't believe what he saw!

"This is impossible" Sun Yu wheezed out like he was landed a physical blow. How is this possible? I'm already so fast, how can she be faster than me? Plus, I even already knew the answer beforehand! This can't be happening!

"Cheating! You people must be cheating!" Sun Yu exclaimed. "She couldn't be faster than me, this is your site so you people must have done something in the back end. The system can't be broken so fast, I won't believe it!"

"F*ck!" Yan Lu growled angrily, "You lose so we must be cheating? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you're really unbeatable?"

"Miss Xia beat you fair and square. You have lost, please admit defeat!" Gu Li also added sternly.

Sun Yu scoffed in anger. "Of course, the lot of you would say something like that but I know she must have cheated, she couldn't have hacked through the system faster than me!"

Sun Yu glared at Munan as he stood up. "I demand an open investigation, there must be something fishy going on. Don't try to swindle this victory away from me, no one can finish the mission so fast!"

The time was indeed so very short, the system was hacked in just minutes. Of course, Munan ignored his complaint. He turned to Saohuang with a smug smile and asked, "Major Feng, what do you think? Do you suspect us of cheating too?"

Saohuang indeed suspected something was going on because he knew Sun Yu's capability, Xinghe shouldn't have been faster than him. However, for some reason, he felt that Xinghe only relied on her own ability to defeat Sun Yu.

"I can't tell for sure but since my subordinate has suspected thusly, I guess perhaps there is indeed something fishy going on?"

"Major, there definitely is! No matter who it was, they couldn't hack through the security in such a ridiculous time! I guarantee with my life that this is a dishonest competition!"

"I think you're the one being dishonest." Xinghe's calm voice rang out. Everyone turned to her in surprise.

Xinghe studied Sun Yu's computer and said with a smile, "You have almost broken through the system as well. You're just a few minutes behind me."

Sun Yu was shocked, he felt subconsciously that Xinghe had found out something. Xinghe stared at him with a sharp gaze and asked slowly, "You just said that, no matter who it was, they couldn't hack through the security in such a ridiculous time, but you've almost done it yourself. Why is that only you are allowed to do that?"

"My ability is ranked third in the world! Therefore, I can be so fast but you can't! Don't tell me you're first in the world!" Sun Yu retorted angrily, all sense of decorum was tossed out the window. He just wanted to prove himself, to prove that he was better than a woman!

Xinghe scoffed. "Well, I'm not conceited enough to claim I'm the best but

"I'm at least better than the world's third best."