Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Winners Pride
Chapter 404: Winner's Pride

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Gu Li also nodded. "Miss Xia, you've already beaten him. There's no need to accept any more challenges, no one will contest your victory."

"That's right, Miss Xia, ignore the bunch of loons! Don't worry, I'll personally smack anyone that dares to say you didn't win!" Yan Lu added angrily.

Xinghe sat back down and stated calmly, "Don't worry, I can handle myself just fine."

Sun Yu chided, "We'll see about that!"

"Let's start then," Xinghe turned to look at Saohuang, "You also open your eyes and watch closely because it might be you next."

Saohuang narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Miss Xia sure is an amusing person."

"You'll find me more interesting later on." Xinghe returned his smile before turning back to the computer screen. She ordered Gu Li, "Leader Gu, please start the time."

Gu Li saw her determination so he stopped advising her. "Alright, please be ready, I will start the timer soon."

The room started to get quiet again. Sun Yu quickly prepared himself. After Gu Li's "Start!", they both started operating their computers once more.

However, the difference this time was that Xinghe gave it her all from the very beginning!

Sun Yu who was lagging behind laughed bemusedly when he saw Xinghe being so serious. This meant that Xinghe had begun to treat him seriously but regardless, she wouldn't be able to finish!

Sun Yu was not in any hurry because he knew he couldn't finish it. That was what he was aiming for, to lose together! Even if he lost, he needed to drag her down with him! This kind of person was the worst. They couldn't bear to see other people happy; they had to ruin everything so that everybody was as miserable as they were. Alas, this time, he had kicked against an iron plate.

At the three minute mark, Xinghe finished designing a small software.

At the six minute mark, Xinghe used the software to hack into 100,000 IPs.

At the nine minute mark, Xinghe stopped typing completely.

When she did so, the room was hauntingly quiet. Sun Yu's body was frozen solid but his heart was beating uncontrollably. No one knew why Xinghe suddenly stopped working.

Was it giving up because the time was up or had she finished everything?

No one could tell for sure and their hearts were at their throats. Munan and Saohuang had unconsciously stopped breathing from sheer anxiety. Sun Yu started praying vehemently, praying that Xinghe had lost.

"KO!" Xinghe suddenly said those two letters.

KO, or knock out, meant that she had won. Xinghe rarely used this term but that day she had used the term twice against Sun Yu.

She had won! Not once but twice against Sun Yu that day!

Sun Yu shivered involuntarily. He turned his head awkwardly, his face as pale as snow. His lips were quivering when he objected, "I don't believe"

"I don't feel like explaining myself to the person who has lost to me twice. The only thing you need to know is that you have completely lost!" Xinghe enunciated word by word, each syllable filled with the pride of a total winner.