Mr. Ceo Spoil Me 100 Percent Chapter 407

Chapter 407 The Official Battle
Chapter 407: The Official Battle

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The satisfaction came from face-slapping them so completely, and that was possible only through enough capability. The easier Xinghe defeated Sun Yu, the more humiliated they would be. Then again, it was Saohuang who came to challenge them first. They deserved everything they got and more!

Furthermore, Xinghe did everything right, she helped them release the anger they had been holding in since their earlier defeat.

Yan Lu nodded in quick succession. "That's right, this is all Miss Xia's contribution! Miss Xia, you're our hero; you've helped win back the morale we lost earlier!"

Munan also nodded. "That's right, this small competition has greatly boosted our morale. We shall ride this wave of morale and crush them during the upcoming battle!"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone answered in an echoing boom.

Similarly, after he returned, Saohuang started threatening his men. "This time, I want you people to wipe the floor with them. Remember, in this battle, we can only win!"

"Yes, sir!" His men replied in unison. They might have lost the contest but it didn't mean that their ability was worse than Munan's men's ability. Since they had lost face during the contest, they would get it back on the battlefield. They would let Munan's men know what they were really made of!

After everyone had left the war meeting, Saohuang was still furious. That day's humiliation was well past his acceptable threshold.

Sun Yu tried to salvage the situation, "Boss, do you want me to steal their war strategy again?"

A stack of document slapped him harshly on his face. Saohuang glared at him severely. "Have you lost your mind? You want to hand them the evidence of us meddling?"

"Boss, that's not what I meant but if we do not know their strategy"

"You lost so badly to Xia Xinghe yet you still want to do something so risky? You think that, with her ability, she wouldn't find out?"

Sun Yu was struck with fury. "That woman is so in the way!"

Saohuang smiled chillingly. "So what if we don't know their strategy, we will win. I have faith in my capable men. We will win regardless, just that it'll be a little bit harder."

"That's right, our training is more stable than theirs, defeating them is not a problem. They wouldn't be able to defeat us so easily this time."

Saohuang's gaze turned cold. "I will not tolerate the word defeat, because, remember, I only allow victory and not defeat!"

Sun Yu was spooked by his chilling stare, he nodded in a hurry. "Yes, we will definitely win!"

"For victory! For victory!" Munan's men were also cheering each other on. After two days of intense preparation, the battle between the two platoons was about to begin. Since both units were high-tech units, other than actual fighting, the battle included also competitions operating various high-end equipment.

However, before the actual battle, there were two wrestling matches. Munan's side was represented by Yan Lu. He was the wrestling king of their unit after all. Saohuang's team had someone impressive as well. The wrestling matches were friendly matches, it ended with a tie, each had one win and one loss.

After all, it was the air drill.

This was the first time that Xinghe had been fortunate enough to spectate such a formal drill.